Honda Motorcycles Buyer’s Guide

2018 Honda NM4 Buyer's Guide | Specs & Price

2018 Honda NM4 Buyer’s Guide | Specs & Price

It may look like a scooter to you, but Honda places the 2018 Honda NM4 in its cruiser category—and with good reason.
2018 Honda CBR650F Buyer's Guide | Specs & Price

2018 Honda CBR650F Buyer’s Guide | Specs & Price

After a year off, the Honda CBR650F returns for 2018 with a few updates. There are three big changes, including a Showa front fork.
2017 Honda Shadow Phantom Buyer's Guide | Specs & Price

2017 Honda Shadow Phantom Buyer’s Guide | Specs & Price

A compact chassis with a raked out front end and fat front tire, the 2017 Honda Shadow Phantom is an easy-to-ride cruiser.
2016 Honda CRF450X | Buyer's Guide & Specs

2016 Honda CRF450X | Buyer’s Guide & Specs

2016 Honda CRF450X Based on the older CRF450R motocrosser, the 2016 Honda CRF450X has an off-road racing pedigree of its own. A strong choice for...
2016 Honda CRF230F | Buyer’s Guide & Specs

2016 Honda CRF230F | Buyer’s Guide & Specs

2015 Honda CRF230F With full size wheels that allow using the best tires available, and a reasonable seat height of 34.6 inches, the 2016 Honda...
2017 Honda Fury horsepower

2017 Honda Fury Buyer’s Guide | Specs & Price

The 2017 Honda Fury is not what you expect a chopper to be, yet it continues to thrive in the market with its 71-inch wheelbase and 52-degree V-twin.
2017 Honda CRF250L Rally Buyer's Guide

2017 Honda CRF250L Rally Buyer’s Guide | Specs & Price

Honda made some significant changes when creating the 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally, and they all point to an improved off-road experience.
2017 Honda CRF250L Buyer's Guide | Specs & Price

2017 Honda CRF250L Buyer’s Guide | Specs & Price

More than simply a dual sport motorcycle, the 2017 Honda CRF250L is also a great commuter bike and urban exploring machine.
2018 Honda Grom Buyer's Guide

2018 Honda Grom Buyer’s Guide | Specs & Price

You’re going to find a lot to like about the 2018 Honda Grom: it’s easy to ride, barely uses any gas, and you can park it just about anywhere.
2017 Honda CB500X Specs and price

2017 Honda CB500X Buyer’s Guide: Specs & Price

Although not really an adventure bike—it sports 17-inch wheels and street tires at both ends—the 2017 Honda CB500X has the look of an adventure machine.
2016 Honda NC700X Buyer's Guide | Specs & Price

2017 Honda NC700X Buyer’s Guide | Specs & Price

Although the Honda NC700X looks the part of an adventure bike, it's very much a street bike with its 17-inch wheels and limited suspensions travel.
2016 Honda Gold Wing | Buyer's Guide

2016 Honda Gold Wing | Buyer’s Guide

2016 Honda Gold Wing | Motorcycle Buyer's Guide There are few motorcycles more celebrated and sophisticated than the Gold Wing. The gold standard in luxury...
2017 Honda CTX700 DCT Buyer's Guide | Specs & Price

2017 Honda CTX700 DCT Buyer’s Guide | Specs & Price

For riders who do not need a large-capacity motorcycle, and like the convenience of an automatic transmission, the 2017 Honda CTX700 DCT stands alone.
2017 Honda CB300F Buyer's Guide Specs Price

2017 Honda CB300F Buyer’s Guide: Specs & Price

Simple and to the point, the 2017 Honda CB300F is stripped down to the basics of what a city and sport motorcycle needs to be.
2018 Honda CB650F Buyer's Guide: Specs & Price

2018 Honda CB650F Buyer’s Guide: Specs & Price

For sport riders who liked the Honda CBR650F but wanted something naked, the 2018 Honda CB650F shows itself off in all its glory.