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Welcome to Ultimate Motorcycling, which features the latest news surrounding the motorcycle industry. From the latest motorcycle and apparel reviews to MotoGP results to which OEM is topping the sales, Ultimate Motorcycling features it all. Our passionate staff work around the clock to deliver the latest and most accurate reports in regards to everything in the two-wheel world.

Editorial Staff
Don Williams, Editor. Is passionate about everything moto—from cruisers to sportbikes to dirt bikes to adventure bikes to tourers. Don’t get him started on Supercross or MotoGP.
•  Email: donw@ultimatemotorcycling.com  Read the latest from Don Williams
Nic de Sena, Senior Editor. A jack-of-all-trades and master of many, Nic focuses his efforts on reviews of motorcycles of all types–except dirt bikes. We don’t let him near those.
•  Email: nicd@ultimatemotorcycling.com  Read the latest from Nic de Sena
Jonathan Handler, Associate Editor. When Jonathan isn’t reviewing technical accessories and riding apparel, he’s giving his input on the latest street bikes.
•  Email: jonathanh@ultimatemotorcycling.com Read the latest from Jonathan Handler
Kelly Callan, Associate Editor. Kelly brings a female perspective and decades of experience to Ultimate Motorcycling, and provides insightful reviews on all types of motorcycles and riding apparel. She is also an accomplished moto-photographer.
•  Email: kellyc@ultimatemotorcycling.com  Read the latest from Kelly Callan
Jess McKinley, Associate Editor. Off-road and ADV ace. Jess is the guy you want as your wingman when the going gets rough.
•  Email: jessm@ultimatemotorcycling.com  Read the latest from Jess McKinley
Freeman Wood, Associate Editor. An all-around rider, Freeman is a fanatical traveler. He’ll point a motorcycle, not necessarily one designed for touring, and let it take him to parts unknown.
•  Email: freemanw@ultimatemotorcycling.com  Read the latest from Freeman Wood
Teejay Adams, Associate Editor; Podcast co-Host and Producer. Teejay is as keen as mustard to ride as many motorcycles as possible; enjoys honing her skills around curves and country roads, and more recently dual-sport and track riding.
•  Email: teejaya@ultimatemotorcycling.com  Read the latest from Teejay Adams
Arthur Coldwells, President of Ultimate Motorcycling. When he’s not reviewing a motorcycle in some part of the world, Arthur remains busy behind the desk, keeping the business aspects rolling smoothly. A longtime member of the industry, Arthur produces and co-hosts the Podcast ‘Motos & Friends’ and provides thorough reviews of not only motorcycles, but also gear, accessories, and apparel.
•  Email: arthurc@ultimatemotorcycling.com  Read the latest from Arthur Coldwells

Mary K. Buch, Vice President, Publisher, and Podcast Producer. Mary helps produce the weekly Podcast Motos and Friends. If you would like, or know of someone who would like to appear on our Podcast please contact Mary at: producer@ultimatemotorcycling.com

Motorcycle Passion
We all have a story that drives us towards our passions in life. Often it is a particular moment in time—our first motorcycle, a two-wheel adventure, an experience we shared with friends or perhaps even all alone—when our motorcycling gene was turned on. That very day we learned about the secret we all share: the pleasure of motorcycling.
Motorcycle Inspiration
It was this incessant, undeniable passion that some 10 years ago prompted us to start this magazine. The print version—Ultimate Motorcycling—has developed a unique reputation for bringing readers the very best on two wheels by means of well-written and concise content, top-quality photography and coffee-table production values. Our editorial team of passionate motorcycle aficionados, each one a life-long rider, is here to serve you, our audience that has earned the right to have access to the best.
Meticulous Execution
Our mission is to publish a high-quality, tightly written, carefully crafted experience that our readers can savor and enjoy at their leisure. Our proven team of exclusive writers and best-in-the-business photographers continues; we are proud of this publication and we are driven to maintain Ultimate Motorcycling as the world’s premier online motorcycle publications.
We have recently relaunched this new site in response to an increasing demand for fresh and timely content, along with a new Ultimate Motorcycling App. Our readers wanted a site to add to their favorites that provided the ultimate machines, accessories, gear and travel-related stories. Our online readers want new content in the form of short stories coupled with only the best photos. Visit us often and enjoy exclusive and memorable material.
NOTE ON THE 2022 CCPA: The 2020 CCPA has three thresholds, and Ultimate Motorcycling does not reach any of them.
1) Ultimate does NOT have gross revenues in excess of $25 million
2) Ultimate does NOT possess the personal information of 50,000 or more consumers, households, or devices. In fact, we do NOT have the personal information of ANYONE.
3) Ultimate does NOT earn more than half of its annual revenue from selling consumers’ personal information. Actually, WE DO NOT SELL ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION. This pledge is repeated in the About Us section of our website, on our App Masthead, and in the signup form for our Newsletter.