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John Surtees Dies: Only Person to Win Motorcycle GP & Formula One Titles

John Surtees Dies: Only Person to Win Motorcycle GP & F1 Titles

The only man to claim both motorcycle GP and Formula One championships, John Surtees, died at 83 March 10 in London's St. Georges Hospital.
Toyokawa Assembly Plant

Building the 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R | Suzuki Factory Visit

The employees at the Suzuki motorcycle factory take every aspect of its manufacturing very, very seriously. It is very striking to witness.
Kenny Roberts Yamaha OW01 Laguna Seca

Kenny Roberts Video Interview: 1980 Yamaha OW48R Exposed

We chatted with three-time GP Champion Kenny Roberts at the recent Arch Motorcycle track day, and he spoke of his career and his Yamaha YZR-500 OW48R!
Flying Merkel Twin 1913

Pre-World War II Motorcycles like Flying Merkel Twin to Vegas Bonhams

Many Pre-World War II motorcycles will highlight the Vegas Bonhams show, including an all-original, un-restored 1913 Flying Merkel Twin.
Tribute of McIntyre's 1957 TT 'Ton' Lap Set for Classic TT

Tribute of McIntyre’s 1957 TT ‘Ton’ Lap Set for Classic TT

To celebrate Bob McIntyre's first-ever 100mph lap at the Isle of Man TT in 1957, Michael Dunlop will pilot a replica Gilera at this year's Classic TT.
The Harley-Davidson and Indian Wars by Allan Girdler | Rider's Library

The Harley-Davidson and Indian Wars by Allan Girdler | Rider’s Library

Among legendary rivalries in motorcycle history, perhaps none has deeper roots than that between Harley-Davidson and Indian. Girdler tells the story.
Ducati Museum 916 Room 3

Ducati Museum Renovated for 90th Anniversary | Ceremony Photos & Video

As part of its 90th anniversary celebration, Ducati has restructured and renovated the Ducati Museum, which is located at Headquarters in Borgo Panigale.
Johnny Allen Triumph Streamliner land speed record holder

60 Years Ago, Johnny Allen Brought the World Motorcycle Speed Record Home

By today’s world speed record standards (376.363 mph), Johnny Allen’s 1956 record of 214.4mph seems tame. But it truly was a feat for Triumph and Allen.
Chrysler Sno-Runner Cryotherapy | Hope for Motorcyclist with Winter Doldrums

Chrysler Sno-Runner Cryotherapy | Hope for Motorcyclist with Winter Doldrums

Looking for ways to battle the winter motorcycle doldrums, Gary finds a Chrysler Sno-Runner to restore and ride - sure beats watching figure skating.

Von Dutch Condor Custom Motorcycle | The Master’s Favorite

The 1941 Van Dutch Condor offers a glimpse into the psyche of Von Dutch, one of the most influential and mysterious figures of custom car and bike culture.
1974 Ducati 750 SS tank

Ducati, MV Agusta, Vincent, and Megola at Bonhams Auction

Ducati, MV Agusta, Vincent, and Megola at Bonhams Charity Auction Philanthropist and businessman Robert White died in 2015, leaving his Robert White Collection of motorcycles...
Moto Guzzi 254

Moto Guzzi 254 & Kawasaki S1 History | Mighty Mini Multis

There are some superbikes—well, somewhat super—that have been overlooked. Let’s call them the mighty mini-multis. For example, about 209 years after Moto-Guzzi dazzled the GP racing circuit with its V-8, and after its merger with the De Tomaso Group, it produced one of the most interesting mighty mini-multis ever built for the consumer market. It was known simply as the 254.
Harley-Davidson Racing History - SDT Gold

Harley-Davidson Racing History – From TT to ISDT Gold

Harley-Davidson Racing History Harley-Davidson sets new Transcontinental Record, cleans up at TT races, Hillclimbs and gets ISDT Gold You may have checked out Nic de Sena’s...
40 Years of the Honda Gold Wing | A Ruby History

40 Years of Honda Gold Wing History | A Ruby Anniversary

Honda Gold Wing History As 2015 came to a close and many riders packed away their bikes for the winter, we were reminded that that...
Megola Motorcycle

Top 10 Strangest Motorcycles of All Time

Top 10 Strangest—and Most Ground-Breaking—Production Motorcycles Here in the 21st century, we have become accustomed to the general concepts of contemporary motorcycle design. The seating...

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