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Honda’s March to Perfect the 500 Twin: 1975 CB500T

Honda’s March to Perfect the 500 Twin: VT500C vs CX/GL500C vs CB500T

The recent buzz about new 500 cc bikes like the new Honda Rebel and CB500F got me thinking about the Honda 500s I’ve had owned over the years.
Harley-Davidson History & Mystique | Rider’s Library

Harley-Davidson History & Mystique | Rider’s Library

Motorcycle Library Retro Review Unlike most books I’ve read about Harley-Davidson, Randy Leffingwell’s “Harley-Davidson History & Mystique” eloquently explains the linkage between the sound of...

What’s Up With Bluetooth? Explaining Motorcycle Headset Communication

Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication Systems Explained Perhaps being a preteen amateur radio operator had its effect on me because communications and the related hardware still interest...
Triumph Motorcycles Factory Visitor Experience McQueen

Triumph Motorcycles Launches Factory Visitor Experience

Triumph has launched a factory Visitor Experience that showcases Triumph’s 115-year history of not only motorcycles, but also racing and pop culture.
40 Years of the Honda Gold Wing | A Ruby History

40 Years of Honda Gold Wing History | A Ruby Anniversary

Honda Gold Wing History As 2015 came to a close and many riders packed away their bikes for the winter, we were reminded that that...

Steve McQueen’s 1946 Indian Chief Sells for $143,750

Steve McQueen's Motorcycles At nearly the same time that Indian Motorcycle unveiled its 2014 Chief lineup (Classic, Vintage, Chieftain) at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, an iconic...
Honda Valkyrie - The Development Story

Honda Valkyrie – The Development Story

Honda Valkyrie Development Story The Valkyrie name is legendary, and the powerful six-cylinder Muscle Cruiser that stirred so many souls when it was first introduced...

The MotoGP Series | A History to 2005

Somehow, I ended up in the same corner of the Castrol Honda Superbike hospitality tent as MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi and his friends while attending a World Superbike race at Misano, near Rimini and Riccione, on Italy's Adriatic Coast. I sat a few tables away and watched as Rossi's party chatted and ate prosciutto, apparently enjoying a relaxed day at the track.
All weekend long, thousands of Italians had streamed past the Honda hospitality area—its windows wide open to the glorious Italian sunshine.

Rider’s Library | This Old Harley, Edited by Michael Dregni

Motorcycle Library Retro Review With cover art by noted artist Dave Barnhouse and a list of contributors that reads like a who’s who of motorcycle...

Rider’s Library | Illustrated Buyer’s Guide Harley-Davidson Since 1965

Motorcycle Library Retro Review Suppose you get a chance to buy a vintage Harley-Davidson — let’s say a 1967 FLH in “fair” condition. There...
Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, 1958

What do Hot Dogs, Hydra-Glides and Willie G. Have in Common?

Willie G. Davidson's first industrial design job was not with Harley-Davidson, but rather was working with designer of Wienermobile, Brooks Stevens.

Bonhams to Auction 1901 Ariel Quadricycle

A 1901 Ariel 345cc Quadricycle, frame no. 85, engine no. 607, will be Bonhams London to Brighton sale on November 1. Bonhams estimates the Ariel...

Motocross Pioneer Pierre Karsmakers to AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Pierre Karsmaker Pierre Karsmakers, one of the first European motocross champions to bring his expertise to America, has been elected to the AMA Motorcycle Hall...
Rider's Library | Cafe Racers Speed, Style and Ton-up Culture

Rider’s Library | Cafe Racers Speed, Style and Ton-up Culture

Rider's Library Review Reincarnation is real — at least for motorcycles that start out as conventional, factory-built models but then are reborn to an entirely...
Moto Guzzi 254

Moto Guzzi 254 & Kawasaki S1 History | Mighty Mini Multis

There are some superbikes—well, somewhat super—that have been overlooked. Let’s call them the mighty mini-multis. For example, about 209 years after Moto-Guzzi dazzled the GP racing circuit with its V-8, and after its merger with the De Tomaso Group, it produced one of the most interesting mighty mini-multis ever built for the consumer market. It was known simply as the 254.