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2019 Long Beach IMS J&P Cycle Custom Bike Show Winners

2019 Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach Winners In addition to the wide variety of new motorcycles to drool over at the 2019 Progressive International...
5 Steps to Avoid Motorcycle Drive Belt Drama: Secrets from Experience

4 Steps to Avoid Motorcycle Final Drive Belt Drama: Secrets from Experience

Drive belts do have less maintenance and advantages for motorcycles over a drive chain, but they still can cause drama. What secrets can old...
Glory days—my 1974 Honda CB350F in race-ready form on the salt at Bonneville in 2014.

Revisiting a $600 Auction 1974 Honda CB350: Gettin’ Sentimental

Honda CB350 - Getting a Bit Nostalgic Five years ago, a little, old Honda became part of motorsports history—and took me along for the ride! Some...
Indian Challenger price

Editor’s Letter November 2019: Wrong Turn

Editor's Letter: November 2019 If you have read my columns for any length of time, you might have noticed that I don’t have a lot...
Lieback’s Lounge: Ghost Eyes, Wet Leaves, and Night Riding Romance

Lieback’s Lounge: Ghost Eyes, Wet Leaves, and Night Riding Romance

Lieback’s Lounge: November 2019 Many East Coast riders have already put their motorcycles to sleep. The main attributes of such a horrific act are the...
Honda’s V65 Sabre (L) and V30 Magna set new performance benchmarks in their classes—and 35 years later, still perform to high standards.

1984: George Orwell Got It Wrong, Honda Got It Right

Orwell got it wrong. In 1984, the world—at least a good portion of the motorcycling world—was under the control of Big Red and the Honda V4 Sabre and Magna.
testing the R1 in Spain Ron Lieback

Lieback’s Lounge: Anti-Corporate with a Focus on Refining Abilities

Lieback’s Lounge – October 2019 I went to sleep in Texas on Thursday, and woke up in Jerez, Spain, a few days later. Between was a...

Lieback’s Lounge: Focusing on the 40s with Moto Goals

Lieback’s Lounge: September 2019 Now that things have slowed a bit in the personal life—wifey is healthy, and son Enzo is in Pre-K—I can refocus...
Honda CB500K2 resto project.

Motorcycle Workbench Workout: Facing the Trash, Finding Some Treasure

Top 14 Trash and Treasure Items Found on Workbench Admit it - we have a workbench problem. If you have a workbench it is likely...
Lieback’s Lounge: Easy Rider on Big Screen with Dad

Lieback’s Lounge: Easy Rider on Big Screen with Dad

Watching an iconic motorcycling movie like Easy Rider is one thing, but seeing it return to the big screen is quite another—especially with dad.
KTM getting tire pressure

Lieback’s Lounge: 3 Motorcycles. 3 Breakdowns. 1 Week.

Third Time’s Not Such a Charm Really? Three moto issues in one week? Is this even possible? Except for one flat tire while riding with Paul...
2002 Yamaha V-Max

The Impulse V-Max Buy: Everything Happens For a Reason

The Impulse V-Max Purchase The last Friday in May 2019 seemed likely to go down in my recent motorcycle history as a real bummer. I...
Dunlop Isle of Man TT

Lieback’s Lounge: The TT Perfectly Blends Technology and Insanity

Circuit racing gets the pulse pumping—I haven’t missed a GP race in over a decade—but the TT disrupts the mindset, influencing thoughts of sheer madness.
Lieback's Lounge: Optimize Productivity and Happiness Via Two Wheels

Lieback’s Lounge: Optimize Productivity and Happiness Via Two Wheels

Motorcycles are the backbone of my happiness in both professional and personal life. They provide utlimate solutions for anything, including productivity.
Kickstarting the 1976 Honda CJ360T

A True ‘Kick-Starter’ Kick-Off for 2019 Motorcycling Season

Four of the bikes I have in my shed have kick-start levers on them. Up until recently, I had five, including a 1977 Triumph Bonneville 750 Silver Jubilee.