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Lieback’s Lounge: Beating Death During A Kansas Tornado

Lieback’s Lounge: Beating Death During A Kansas Tornado

A friend’s untimely death cut the journey to Washington state short, and I rode from Pikes Peak to Northeast Pennsylvania in what felt like one complete day. I would not—and did not—miss his wake. My friends may have had two wakes that week if it wasn’t for the unlikely occurrence of an elderly Ohioan and a blunt Kansas Highway Patrolman. Let me explain.
From Paper to Pixels, Motorcycle Media Landscape Positively Changes

From Paper to Pixels, Motorcycle Media Landscape Positively Changes | Editor’s Letter

While I admit to missing Ultimate Motorcycling magazine in print, I plead guilty to loving the digital delivery of information. I can access far more information about the subject I’m perusing, and it requires simply a tap or swipe of my fingertips. It’s not magic, but even Merlin would have been astonished.
KTm 1190 Adventure R comes home

Lieback’s Lounge: The Year of the Orange (KTM 1190 Adventure R Comes Home)

For most performance-hungry motorcyclists, the Year of the Orange can mean only one thing—KTM.
Motorcycle Sales Chart 2018

Motorcycle Sales Patterns Explained | The Sky is Not Falling

In all facets of mankind, the apocalypse is a common theme. When it comes to motorcycling in the United States, rest assured that is not the case.
Top 10 Motorcycles of 2017: Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Editor’s Choice: Top 10 Motorcycles I Rode in 2017

10 Great Motorcycles of 2017: Editor's Picks Last week I wrote about the motorcycles I want to ride in 2018. Now, I present you with...
Bonneville Salt Flats

Top 10 Things on My 2018 Motorcycle ‘To Do’ List

Rather than make grand resolutions, I prefer small things I’d like to do in the coming year: my motorcycle “to-do” list for 2018.
Top 12 Motorcycles I Want To Ride In 2018 Ninja H2 SX

Editor’s Choice: Top 12 Motorcycles I Want To Ride In 2018

As the calendar ticks over to 2018, I’m looking at the new motorcycles I want to ride in the coming year. Here's the top 12 I want to ride.
Ron Lieback Ultimate Motorcycling

Lieback’s Lounge: Please, Elon, Make an Electric Motorcycle, and Other 2018 Wishes

Come on, Elon, let’s get some of your non-stop energy into the electric motorcycle market. Motorcycles should be the next step.
Top Stories in 2017 Motorcycling: Nicky Hayden

Top Stories in 2017 Motorcycling: Personal Favorites, from Tragedy to V4s

The 2017 motorcycling season was a rough one for me on a personal level, but not so much across the industry. Here are my top stories in 2017 motorcycling.
Giving Thanks, Motorcycle Style | Editor’s Letter

Giving Thanks, Motorcycle Style | Editor’s Letter

For most people, the holidays are a time for family gatherings. Well, when it comes to that, I remain in the unorthodox category.
Lieback's Lounge | Newborn Travel - The New Surrealism

Baselines and Endings | Lieback’s Lounge

Endings like these arrive; they’re inevitable. It’s how we deal and think about endings that truly matters. Let me explain.
Winter Motorcycling

November Motorcycle Riding is Different – Yet Familiar

Folks who stopped to talk to me along my rides usually said “A little cool for a ride, ain’t it?” They look surprised when I’d say “Yep—and I love it.”
2017 Sepang MotoGP Press Conference: Honda's Marc Marquez

Márquez vs. Dovi | Guide To MotoGP Valencia 2017

What It Takes To Win A MotoGP Championship | 9 Fast Facts The 2017 MotoGP World Championship comes down to the final race at the Circuit...

Transitions: UM Wishes Andrew Oldar Best of Luck!

Motorcycle Commentary May 2017 marks the last issue of Ultimate Motorcycling you will see with Andrew Oldar as an Associate Editor. If you follow supercross and...
UMC's Ron Lieback at California Superbike School

Moto Lifestyle Keeps Me Sane | Lieback’s Lounge

These last few months have been hell, but motorcycles surely saved me from another breakdown. These are the things that help comfort my sanity.

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