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2011 Isle of Man TT: Tragic Heroes

Lieback's Corner (#6) / 6.5.2011

If there's one race event that I anticipate more than anything throughout the year, it's the Isle of Man TT. To put this in perspective: if John McGuinness and Valentino Rossi were together, I'd shake the throttle hand of the 16-time TT winner first.

Renewed Romance: Honda CBR929

Lieback's Corner (#7) / 6.17.2011

With June halfway over, my plans for purchasing a 2011 Ducati 848EVO by summer have suddenly vanished. Well, unless I hit the lottery by the Summer Solstice this Tuesday. But since I no longer play the lottery, this is 100-percent doubtful thinking.

Itching with Motorcycle Travel Bugs

Lieback's Corner (#8) / 6.24.2011

On a short, early-morning ride today aboard the VFR, a few bugs hit me - both physically and psychologically.

The first few as I traveled my self-described "Mountain Course" were physical bugs, which spotted the Arai's visor with cream-colored splats, followed by some greens and reds.

Sportbikes, Hernia & Fourth of July

Lieback's Corner (#9) / 7.01.2011

The pain shot straight from the groin to the upper chest as I accelerated off a long, left-hand sweeper on my personal "Mountain Course."

Motorcycle Trips: Scenic or Highway?

Lieback's Corner (10) 7.15.2011

The night before leaving, I had four words written down on a pocketsize notebook: five days, four nights. That's how my solo-motorcycle trip began last week for AMA Pro Road Racing at Mid-Ohio.

I then poked around Google Maps for an hour or so, jotting down various roads I've never traveled.

Post-Surgery Motorcycle-Less Syndrome

Lieback's Corner (#11) / 8.1.2011

Throughout my 31 years, only two incidents prevented me from piloting a motorcycle for extended periods of time - a rod in the femur (car accident, ‘94) and some ripped and torn ligaments in my throttle thumb (street motorcycle accident, ‘09).

Old Friends, Old Bikes, New Memories

Lieback's Corner (#12) / 8.8.2011

The last time the three of us were in the same car together was during our music days, probably heading to Philadelphia to play a show about five years ago.

Victory High Ball: The Solo Test Bike

Lieback's Corner (#12) / 8.24.2011

East Coast Motojournalists constantly struggle with one major problem - obtaining test bikes.

My options: either fly out to California and ride a bike back (actually not such a bad option), or find press fleets here on the East Coast, hopefully in relative distance to my hometown in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Repo Man Claims Victory High Ball

Lieback's Corner (#13) / 9.24.2011

Three days after the due date, the Repo Man was knocking at my door. Well, not my physical address' door, but rather my electronic-communication door.

Motorcycles: Helping Battle Bereavement

Lieback's Corner (#14)

The events began unfolding from their weary slumber Friday afternoon. While stumbling through one of my bookshelves, searching for Valentino Rossi's autobiography, "What if I Had Never Tried It," I came across a book of essays from a philosophy class I took years back, the compilation titled "The Meaning of Life."

A Motorcyclist’s New Year’s Resolutions

Lieback's Corner (#15) / 01.02.2012

Since about the age of 25, the whole New Year's Resolution thing slowly faded in the same continuum as my metabolism.

I'd make a resolution, and like the story of so many others, it would disappear from obtainment, usually by the time the snow melts here in Northeast Pennsylvania.

NYC Motorcycle Show: Top 10 Sightings

Lieback's Corner (#16) / 01.22.2012

Over the weekend, the fiancée and I visited the New York City Progressive International Motorcycle Show, an event I look forward to every January.

Motorcycles: Ultimate Health Barometers

Lieback's Corner (#16) / 02.20.2012

In the past few years, motorcycles have done more than fulfill my needs for pleasure and speed - they've also acted as health barometers.

Motorcycle ABS: Skepticism Debunked

Lieback's Corner (#17) / 5.16.2012

When testing new motorcycles, judging the worthiness of a bike's Antilock Braking can become quite enjoyable.

The ultimate ABS system will act almost undetectable, and the ultimate test of such a system involves the fun factor of trying to lock up the wheels at high speeds, both on dry and wet pavement.

Ducati’s (Damn) Desmo Demons

Lieback's Corner (#18) / 6.06.2012

Back in the Middle Ages, the Italian poet Dante Alighieri wrote "Beauty awakens the soul to act."