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Ron Lieback Ultimate Motorcycling

Lieback’s Lounge: TT-R50s After Midnight Are Not The Wisest Choice

There I am, ripping down the hill after midnight aboard a TT-R50 with an Acid cigar lit, about to engage in some relaxing conversation with a good neighbor.
Does Motorcycle Brand Loyalty Still Exist?

Does Motorcycle Brand Loyalty Still Exist?

The big question for me was "Is there such a thing as motorcycle brand loyalty anymore?" I suppose it depends on how you define loyalty.
Joe Rocket Speedmaster Carbon Fiber Lid

Designing the Dream Motorcycle Helmet: 10 Things to Think About

Based on my years of totally unscientific research, if I were to design my own motorcycle helmet, what features would it have? Let’s see…
Marc Rittner at Willow Springs Yamaha Supermoto

Racing Past 60: 3 Wins & a DNF at 2017 WERA Round 4

"Overall it was a pretty good weekend...well, at least until my engine puked," says Marc Rittner after round four of WERA 2017.
Lieback's Lounge | Ron Lieback Motorcycle Column

Lieback’s Lounge: Go Screw Yourself, May 2017

With the loss of Hayden, Cornell and Allman, the only death I enjoyed was the end of May. Go screw yourself, May 2017. I’m glad you’re gone.
Nicky Hayden: An Appreciation

Nicky Hayden: A Personal Appreciation

Nicky never lost that boyish charm, that big grin, and that pure love of sliding the bike. It’s just too cruel and frustrating that he was taken from us.
KTM's Marvin Musquin heads to Thunder Valley Motocross

2017 Thunder Valley Motocross Schedule and Viewing Guide | 8 Fast Facts

Here’s what you need to know to enjoy the True Value Thunder Valley National, Round 3 of the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series.
BSA Triumph 350 Promos

Sad Case of the Triumph Bandit/BSA Fury 350: What Might Have Been

With development starting in 1968, the 350cc Triumph Bandit and its BSA Fury 350 counterpart were to hit the showrooms in the 1971 model year.
AHRMA/Corsa Moto Classica Marc Rittner

Racing Past 60: Two Wins & Injured Knee at AHRMA/Corsa Moto Classica

Corsa Moto Classica is the most fun race of the year, with motorcycle sights and sounds that make it more like a racetrack carnival than club race weekend.
Transitions: UM Wishes Andrew Older Great Success

Transitions: UM Wishes Andrew Oldar Great Success

The May 2017 issue of Ultimate Motorcycling marks the last time you will see with Andrew Oldar as an Associate Editor, UM's off-road/MX contributor.
Racing Past 60: 2017 Begins with WERA Win at Auto Club Speedway

Racing Past 60: 2017 Begins with WERA Win at Auto Club Speedway

Marc Rittner's initial thoughts before the 2017 amateur race season: 'As a motorcycle racer, having OCD is both a blessing and a curse.'
Ron Lieback Ultimate Motorcycling

Lieback’s Lounge: Moto Newbie Resonation

Some moto memories continuously resonate, especially those from the “newbie” days of riding. Mine involve an '85 Honda XR350 and a '01 Kawasaki ZR-7S.
Ron Lieback Ultimate Motorcycling

Lieback’s Lounge: Crashing & Dreaming

I nearly died when I was 14 years old. The memories of that July day have yet to surface 23 years later.
Motorcycle Sketchpad: Why I didn't do as well in High School as I might have

Motorcycle Sketchpad: Why I didn’t do as well in High School as I might...

To fill those otherwise vacant hours spent in class during High School fighting off sleep, I was dreaming up motorcycles in my motorcycle sketchpad.
Lieback's Lounge | Newborn Travel - The New Surrealism

Lieback’s Lounge: Interstate Love Song

That ZR-7S helped develop my “Interstate Love Song,” one that was much cleaner than the troubling images Scott Weiland sang about.

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