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A Stunt Man's Perspective on Motorcycle Safety pushes

Stunt Safety | A Stuntman’s Perspective on Motorcycle Safety

By constantly training yourself in motorcycle safety, and mentally conditioning yourself to understand this "Stunt Safety" concept, you'll ride longer.
Ducati Monster 900 S i.e. custom restoration

Lieback’s Lounge: Ducati Monster 25th Celebration Resto Goes Custom

The initial intention of the Monster 900 S i.e. was restoration back to factory specs to celebrate the Monster’s 25th Anniversary, but that changed quickly.
2018 Beta Trials Day At MotoVentures review

Editor’s Letter: 2018 Beta Trials Day At MotoVentures

The Beta Trials Day at MotoVentures introduced media members to observed motorcycle trials, you know, the thing that Toni Bou does that no one else can.
Spring Break HD drive belt

Spring Break: A Case Against Preventive Motorcycle Maintenance

It seems like every time I spend a bundle on some parts and do the labor in the name of “preventive motorcycle maintenance” it ends up triggering a cascade of other sometimes even more expensive problems.

Editor’s Letter: ‘What is Your Favorite Motorcycle?’

There’s always that persistent question I get—“What is your favorite motorcycle?” As I reply in my profile on, “Whatever bike I’m on. The number of motorcycles I fall in love with on a monthly basis would provide fodder for a very risqué country song.
Ducati 1198 NYST Lieback

Lieback’s Lounge: Struggling With Diversity—For Motorcycles, That Is

Regardless of riding decision, I realize more and more it’s not just the style of motorcycling I always crave. Rather, it’s the simple enjoyment of two wheels and the focus on something that points the mind towards something else for a bit. These rides are the ultimate refresher for the mind.
Exceeding Your Dreams | Editor's Letter

Exceeding Your Dreams | Editor’s Letter

Motorcycle Commentary: Exceeding Your Dreams There’s nothing like going back to your high school alma mater for a Career Day event to stir up some...
Lieback's Lounge April 2018: KTM Passenger Comfort Suprise

Lieback’s Lounge: KTM Passenger Comfort Surprise

Pam now got her first ride on the KTM Adventure R, which I purchased for serious off-road ADV riding this year now that Pam’s surgeries are done. I thought she was going to hate it due to its tall seating and off-road attitude. I was completely wrong; she absolutely loved it.
Three Amigos On Motorcycles In Italy

Guest Column: Return To Italy—The Three Amigos on Motorcycles

Return To Italy: The Three Amigos on Motorcycles Last year, I went riding in Italy with my two amigos for the fifth time in seven years...
Wisconsin Winter Wonderland for Motorcyclists Triumph

Wisconsin: Winter Wonderland for Motorcyclists

Wisconsin has been called the Winter Wonderland. With good reason; you have to wonder what will happen next. In recent years, the weather has been more than a little unexpected at times, leaving us to wonder. Of course, we have long used the old saying, “Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes—it’ll change.”
Lieback’s Lounge: Beating Death During A Kansas Tornado

Lieback’s Lounge: Beating Death During A Kansas Tornado

A friend’s untimely death cut the journey to Washington state short, and I rode from Pikes Peak to Northeast Pennsylvania in what felt like one complete day. I would not—and did not—miss his wake. My friends may have had two wakes that week if it wasn’t for the unlikely occurrence of an elderly Ohioan and a blunt Kansas Highway Patrolman. Let me explain.
From Paper to Pixels, Motorcycle Media Landscape Positively Changes

From Paper to Pixels, Motorcycle Media Landscape Positively Changes | Editor’s Letter

While I admit to missing Ultimate Motorcycling magazine in print, I plead guilty to loving the digital delivery of information. I can access far more information about the subject I’m perusing, and it requires simply a tap or swipe of my fingertips. It’s not magic, but even Merlin would have been astonished.
KTm 1190 Adventure R comes home

Lieback’s Lounge: The Year of the Orange (KTM 1190 Adventure R Comes Home)

For most performance-hungry motorcyclists, the Year of the Orange can mean only one thing—KTM.
Motorcycle Sales Chart 2018

Motorcycle Sales Patterns Explained | The Sky is Not Falling

In all facets of mankind, the apocalypse is a common theme. When it comes to motorcycling in the United States, rest assured that is not the case.
Top 10 Motorcycles of 2017: Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Editor’s Choice: Top 10 Motorcycles I Rode in 2017

10 Great Motorcycles of 2017: Editor's Picks Last week I wrote about the motorcycles I want to ride in 2018. Now, I present you with...