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Honda V30 Magna at 30 - Vintage Motorcycle Tales

Honda V30 Magna at 30 – Vintage Motorcycle Tales

Honda V30 Magna In 1984 Honda’s VF500C V30 Magna raised the bar on 500cc performance, so how’s it doing 30 years later? When Honda introduced the...
Motorcycle Sales Chart 2018

Motorcycle Sales Patterns Explained | The Sky is Not Falling

In all facets of mankind, the apocalypse is a common theme. When it comes to motorcycling in the United States, rest assured that is not the case.
Honda Trail 90: A look Back at the First True Adventure Bike

Honda Trail 90: A look Back at the First True Adventure Bike

One day when I was admiring his 1968 Honda Trail 90 (aka CT90), he stunned me with the revelation of the little bike’s deadly secret.
Five Reasons ‘Why We Ride’ Motorcycles

Five Reasons ‘Why We Ride’ Motorcycles | Moto Commentary

Not all riders are out chasing the type of feeling that’s worth dying for. For majority of those who ride motorcycles, it’s much simpler than that.
Best Motorcycles I Rode In 2018 Iron 1200

Editor’s Choice: Best Motorcycles I Rode In 2018 (Top 22)

Editor’s Choice: Top 22 Motorcycles I Rode In 2018 One of the best things about my job is that I get to ride lots of...

Top 120 Non-Vulgar Motorcycle Terms | Technical & Slang

Top 120 Non-vulgar Motorcycle Terms As with many highly specialized art forms, motorcycling has a language all its own. Perhaps most bewildering to non-riders, new...
Valentino Rossi at 2019 Qatar MotoGP Losail

How Rossi Did It: 14th to 5th at 2019 Qatar MotoGP

The stark reality of Rossi’s ride at Losail International Circuit is that he was faster on laps 2-21 than all four riders who beat him.
Ducati Multistrada on street

So You Want To Be a Better Rider? Let’s Talk Motorcycle Training

So you want to be a better rider? Here’s my story, along with some insight on how to find the correct motorcycle training program that works for you.
Mother, Daughter, and Dirt Bikes - Suzuki off-road

Mother, Daughter, and Dirt Bikes: Family Off-Road Riding

Off-Road Women on the 2019 Suzuki DR-Z50 and DR-Z125L Although I was born in Sweden, which has a proud moto history of its own, I...
Honda’s V65 Sabre (L) and V30 Magna set new performance benchmarks in their classes—and 35 years later, still perform to high standards.

1984: George Orwell Got It Wrong, Honda Got It Right

Orwell got it wrong. In 1984, the world—at least a good portion of the motorcycling world—was under the control of Big Red and the Honda V4 Sabre and Magna.
2002 Yamaha V-Max

The Impulse V-Max Buy: Everything Happens For a Reason

The Impulse V-Max Purchase The last Friday in May 2019 seemed likely to go down in my recent motorcycle history as a real bummer. I...
Glory days—my 1974 Honda CB350F in race-ready form on the salt at Bonneville in 2014.

Revisiting a $600 Auction 1974 Honda CB350: Gettin’ Sentimental

Honda CB350 - Getting a Bit Nostalgic Five years ago, a little, old Honda became part of motorsports history—and took me along for the ride! Some...
Illegal Motorcycle Exhaust | Ignorance of the Law Excuses No One

Illegal Motorcycle Exhaust | Ignorance of the Law Excuses No One

If you have a passion for motorcycling, I recommend understanding the laws that are being proposed/passed, from loud motorcycle exhausts to lane splitting.
Midwest Riding in Snow

You May Be a Midwest Motorcyclist If…

Let’s face it, there are some things that differentiate motorcyclists who live in the snow belt—say, the Upper Midwest, for example—and those who enjoy...
Top 10 Motorcycles of 2017: Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Editor’s Choice: Top 10 Motorcycles I Rode in 2017

10 Great Motorcycles of 2017: Editor's Picks Last week I wrote about the motorcycles I want to ride in 2018. Now, I present you with...