2011 Donington World Supersport: Results

World Supersport

Separated by only 0.270 of a second at the checkered flag, Luca Scassa and Chaz Davies gave the Yamaha ParkingGO team its first 1-2 World Supersport win at Donington Sunday.

It was Scassa who just beat his teammate on the YZF-R6; the Italian now has a perfect 50 points, and Parkes is in second with 31.

Taking the final podium spot was Step Racing Honda CBR600RR rider Gino Rea. Rounding out he top five were Robbin Harms (Harms Benjan Racing Honda) and Kawasaki Motocard.com rider Broc Parkes, respectively.

Luca Scassa (Yamaha ParkinGO Team) says: “I didn’t expect Chaz to be quite so strong going by this morning’s warm up times but he really surprised me with such an impressive performance. I had a perfect start off the grid.

“I would have settled for second but obviously was much happier with a win. We have won two races out of two and that’s impressive. I’m very satisfied with my bike and team. We are proving to have the best overall package so I’m extremely pleased with this.”

Chaz Davies (Yamaha ParkinGO Team) says: “A One Two win for the team is an amazing result. This shows how strong the package is. With four laps to go I closed in on Luca and tried to get the nose in wherever I could but he was so consistently strong everywhere that it was difficult to pin him at any one point.

“I had a stab at passing him on the last lap but didn’t succeed. I envisioned two blue bikes on the ground and that’s certainly not what we wanted. I want to thank Yamaha and all my team who have worked very hard to make up for the disappointing race in Phillip Island. ”

2011 Donington Park: World Supersport Results:
1. Luca Scassa Yamaha ITA 33’40.762
2. Chaz Davies Yamaha GBR 0’00.270
3. Gino Rea Honda GBR 0’20.374
4. Robbin Harms Honda DNK 0’23.469
5. Broc Parkes Kawasaki AUS 0’24.872
6. David Salom Kawasaki ESP 0’32.001
7. Massimo Roccoli Kawasaki ITA 0’42.128
8. Florian Marino Honda FRA 0’43.826
9. Vittorio Iannuzzo Kawasaki ITA 0’52.936
10. Alexander Lundh Honda SWE 0’55.956
11. Miguel Praia Honda POR 1’00.717
12. Roberto Tamburini Yamaha ITA 1’01.807
13. Ondrej Jezek Honda CZE 1’06.106
14. Balazs Nemeth Honda HUN 1’08.528
15. Marko Jerman Honda SVK 1’32.59

World Supersport Point Standings:
1. Luca Scassa Yamaha ITA 50
2. Broc Parkes Kawasaki AUS 31
3. Robbin Harms Honda DNK 24
4. David Salom Kawasaki ESP 23
5. Chaz Davies Yamaha GBR 20
6. Florian Marino Honda FRA 17
7. Gino Rea Honda GBR 16
8. Sam Lowes Honda GBR 16
9. Vittorio Iannuzzo Kawasaki ITA 15
10. Alexander Lundh Honda SWE 13
11. James Ellison Honda GBR 10
12. Massimo Roccoli Kawasaki ITA 9
13. Ondrej Jezek Honda CZE 7
14. Danilo Dell’omo Triumph ITA 6
15. Ronan Quarmby Triumph RSA 5
16. Miguel Praia Honda POR 5
17. Roberto Tamburini Yamaha ITA 4