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Scorpion EXO StealthPack Jacket Review: Double-Duty as Backpack

Scorpion EXO StealthPack Jacket Review: Double-Duty as Backpack

The Scorpion EXO StealthPack not only functions as an armored riding jacket - it also doubles functionality as a backpack. Here's our review.

Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet and SC1 Bluetooth Review

Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet and SC1 Bluetooth: Modular Safety, Comfort, and Communications Schuberth, the German manufacturer of helmets for motorcycling, F1 (Max Verstappen is a recent...
HJC i10 review

HJC i10 Review: High-Quality Basic Motorcycle Helmet

HJC i10 Motorcycle Helmet Test: Snell Approval and More Since the debut of the high-end RPHA line six years ago, HJC has been consistently upgrading...
Sidi Performer Lei Boots Review - Womens motorcycle boots

Sidi Performer Lei Boots Review: Sport and Street For Women

Sidi Performer Lei Boots Review: Women's Italian Motorcycle Footwear For those not quite ready to throw down three Benjamins on Sidi’s top of the line women’s...
Evotourer Spidi for sale

Spidi Evotourer Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review: Vintage Beauty

Spidi Evotourer Leather Motorcycle Jacket Test The Spidi Evotourer leather jacket is a beautiful piece of kit with a vintage sportbike look. The leather has...
The Airform includes a tinted internal drop shield operated by the black switch to the rear of the face shield hinge.

Icon Airform Helmet Review: Simplicity Is Its Own Reward

The new Icon Airform full-face helmet is an interesting meld of the latest high-tech helmet design and a dash of old school look and feel.
Arai Regent-X Review

Arai Regent-X Review: Perfect All-Around Full-Face Helmet

For those that need a full-face helmet ready to handle the rigors of everything short of the track, the Regent-X is an excellent choice. Here's our review.
Spidi 4Season Pants test

Spidi 4Season Pants Review: Hot and Cold, Rain or Shine

Spidi 4Season Pants Review: Suitable For All Weather I was once told by a very experienced rider that once you go with textile pants for...

Dainese Air Frame D1 Motorcycle Jacket Review: Mesh Textile

Dainese Air Frame D1 Textile Mesh Jacket Review When the going gets hot, the cool get going. I’m referring to thermal temperature rather than personal...
Gaerne Stelvio Aquatech motorcycle boots review - side

Gaerne Stelvio Aquatech Adventure Motorcycle Boots Review

Gaerne Stelvio Aquatech Boot Review: Tested On- and Off-road Every ADV rider has a unique balance of protection and comfort in footwear. When you're riding an...
Cortech motorcycle gloves DXR

Cortech DXR Motorcycle Gloves Review: Durable & Versatile

The Cortech DXR gloves come in at about the mid-range for pricing and overall, they score above the mid-range in comfort, functionality, and versatility.

Alpinestars Crazy Eight Motorcycle Jacket Review (Vintage Style)

Alpinestars Crazy Eight Jacket: Classic Aesthetic Vintage-themed gear is all the rage in the motorcycling world now, but few brands tastefully pull off the classic...

TCX Fuel Waterproof Boots Review: Vintage Motorcycle Boots

TCX Fuel Waterproof Vintage Motorcycle Boots Review I didn’t do any research on the TCX Fuel Waterproof boots the review was assigned to me. I...
Olympia Hudson Jacket Review

Olympia Hudson Jacket Review: Mesh Motorcycle Apparel

Olympia Hudson Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review: Summer Ready Sometimes mesh jackets can be low-budget, bare-bones affairs. They're useful for keeping your body ventilated on a hot...
Dainese Blackjack Jacket Review

Dainese Blackjack Motorcycle Jacket Review: Premium Apparel

Dainese Blackjack Leather Jacket Review When choosing colors for my moto clothing, I have always ascribed to the idea that "I'll wear black until they...