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Dear Reader,

Thank you for your interest in our monthly digital magazine. It is published on the first Tuesday of each month as a digital App, and is available on all Apple iOS and Android devices–it looks great on all screen sizes.

Please note that this is a real layered “App,” it is not a glorified PDF viewer where you have to zoom and scroll just to read anything. The App also has embedded video and picture slideshows as well as pop-up boxes showing the gear we are wearing, or the specs of the bike we are riding. The App is exactly that–an App–so it cannot be viewed on a computer desktop or in a browser; it can only be seen on a mobile device such as a tablet or phone. But we’ve all got one of those… right?

It is FREE to read–always has been, always will be. There are no in-App purchases, although you can subscribe to the magazine for free from inside the App. If you ‘Allow Notifications’ we will alert you twice a week to new stories, reviews and tests on all the latest from the world of motorcycles. Check it out now! The sample covers below are iPhone screenshots.

If there’s anything you’d like to see or suggestions to make things better, please let us know! In the meantime, ride safe,

Arthur Coldwells
President and Owner

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