2018 BMW Bespoke Build

Since the BMW R nineT arrived in 2014, the retro roadster won the hearts of custom motorcycle builders across the globe.

BMW Motorrad itself jumped on the trend, and over the years released a few variations of the R nineT. In 2017, fans of the air-cooled boxer twin could buy the base, Pure, Urban G/S, Scrambler, and Racer.

The latter became the model that BMW Motorrad UK used in the debut BMW Bespoke Build contest.

BMW Bespoke Build: Debut R nineT Customized Winner Announced Chester Motorrad
Chester Motorrad BMW Bespoke Contest Winner

Speaking of the contest, BMW “Whether it’s wearing an expert paint job or has been completely modified with carbon fiber, all customizations are welcome additions to the Racer in the BMW Bespoke Bike Build. The rules are simple; entrants must use the retro-superbike inspired R nineT Racer as their base and the final version must be homologated for road use after two and a half months of custom work.”

Eight BMW R nineT Racer motorcycles were sent to eight BMW Motorrad dealers around England, and after 10,000 votes across social media, the winner was announced.

Taking the top honors with over 2,500 votes was Chester Motorrad. Out of all submissions, Chester’s radically breaks away from Racer form, including the lack of the fairing and the unique handmade exhaust.

It wasn’t a total runaway win; Wollaston Motors Ltd battled up until the end, only to lose by just under 400 votes.

BMW Bespoke Build: Debut R nineT Customized Winner Announced Wollaston LTD
Wollaston Motors LTD BMW R nineT Pure, which took second in the BMW Bespoke build off

“We are so pleased to have taken home first place in the first BMW Bespoke Build,” says Paul Hodgson, Sales Manager, Chester Motorrad.

“We have to thank everyone in the public for voting for us, it was very close at the top in terms of votes throughout. Our team did such a fantastic job, there was an incredible amount of work for our technicians to fabricate all the custom parts themselves and resolving a couple of issues we made for ourselves because of the rather radical design.

“I am very pleased with how the bike turned out, it’s exactly as we had imagined – a very different, aggressive bike which sounds incredible.”

BMW Bespoke Build: Debut R nineT Customized Winner Announced Chandlers Bikes
Chandlers Bikes BMW R nineT Pure, which took third in the BMW Bespoke build

The podium was completed by Chandlers Bikes. All entrants into the inaugural BMW Bespoke Build can be seen here.