LeoVince Invites Dealers to Celebrate FORZA July

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Release by LeoVince USA

LeoVince USA invites dealers to celebrate FORZA July by becoming an official FORZA dealer. There are five dealer programs available, ranging from the Mini FORZA entry level options to a choice for larger dealerships that regularly stock LeoVince exhausts.

Take advantage of better margins, reduced or free shipping, a sexy new floor display program, a listing on the new FORZA Dealer locator, and national TV exposure for top-level FORZA deal –

The five FORZA dealer programs include:

  • MiniForza5: Designed for small dealers, this option has a minimum order of only $500. Dealer incentives include 5% off and free freight on the initial order, Dealer 1 pricing, a wall display, and a feature on LeoVince USA’s FORZA Dealer Locator along with 50% off any one LeoVince exhaust or product.
  • MiniForza7: With a total order of $700, dealers receive all the benefits of the MiniForza5 pro- gram, but with an additional discount of 7% off the initial order and 50% off one LeoVince ex- haust or product.
  • MiniForza10: Small dealers who want to make a bigger commitment can opt for this program, which offers 10% off the initial order for a minimum order total of only $1000 and 50% off one LeoVince exhaust or product.
  • E-Forza Power Dealer: If online commerce is your sales method of choice, then this option is for you. You’ll receive guaranteed Dealer 2 pricing, enrollment in the FORZA FIRST program for advance notice of overstock and discounts, 24-hour online Customer Center access for ordering, free freight, and preferred listing on the LeoVince USA Dealer Locator. In exchange, your site will feature a LeoVince banner ad that links to your LeoVince offerings, and LeoVince will be the top- billed exhaust manufacturer on the site. In addition as a new or renewing Forza dealer you can receive 50% off one LeoVince product.
  • FORZA Power Dealer: This is the biggest program with the biggest incentives. Dealers dis- play three exhaust systems and purchase an additional LeoVince product for an employee or demo bike. Online, the dealer website features a LeoVince banner, along with top billing among exhaust manufacturers. The reward? Free freight, Dealer 2 or Dealer 3 pricing, 90 days open terms on the initial order, FORZA FIRST enrollment, access to the 24-hour Customer Center, and preferred dealer listing on the LeoVince USA Dealer Locator and listing in our national television campaign. In addition as a new Forza dealer you can receive 50% off one LeoVince product.

Already a member of the FORZA dealer program? LeoVince USA isn’t going to let you miss out on the celebration! Current FORZA dealers and new members alike will receive one exhaust at 50% off in addition to all of the other incentives available in each program for renewing your Forza program.

Not a dealer with LeoVince yet? There is a program for you also! Just fill out your dealer application and get set up to do business with LeoVince USA and you can get one exhaust or Leovince product at 50% off or you can participate in any of the above mentioned Forza programs to receive added benefits!

Contact LeoVince USA to join the FORZA dealer program that best fits your dealership. Start celebrating FORZA July by visiting LeoVinceUSA.com/July4th.php or by calling 510 232-4040.