CruiserWorks Tour Boots | QuickShift Review


Ultimate MotorCycling QuickShift Review

Without any doubt, simplicity can have great advantages. When I first laid eyes on the Tour boots from CruiserWorks, I wasn’t particularly impressed. A company known for its high-end footwear, the boots didn’t look like much in the box. Then, I looked more closely.

In the case of the CruiserWorks Tour boots, first impressions are worthless. A closer investigation of the boot reveals high-quality leather, with impeccable stitching and attention to detail.

Lacking buckles, zippers, or snaps, your foot slips right into the boot. The luxurious interior is immediately apparent. This is a premium pair of boots.

To say the Tour boots feel good enough for a long day’s journey is an understatement. I think I could wear these boots to bed if I ended up in a fleabag motel; they are that comfortable.

Beautifully finished and rugged enough that they don’t need a toe protector for shifting, I was impressed by the boots from top to bottom. The Rhino-Lite sole grips both floorboards and the sometimes slippery pavement with authority. The expandable top means you can tuck bulky touring pants inside the boots, if you choose.

Walk around comfort is high, thanks to a short heel to keep your gait natural. The grippy sole helps here, too.

Styling is basic on the CruiserWorks Tour boots, with a Made In U.S.A. exterior tag to remind your friends that it’s not just your motorcycle that is made in America.

The MSRP for the CruiserWorks Tour Boots is $325; for additional information, log onto