The Motorcycle Rider Medical Card

Motorcycle Safety

miCARD and Gold Wing Road Riders Association, the world’s largest social organization for owners and riders of Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie motorcycles have partnered to provide GWRRA with a co-branded, medical information card that prepares association member/riders for an unanticipated medical emergency.

"One of the highest priorities at GWRRA is to ensure the health and safety of our 74,000+ members," said Ed Price, Marketing Director at GWRRA.

"We are pleased to join forces with miCARD to ensure our association riders are prepared for any kind of a medical event. No matter where our members go, we know that the lifesaving medical information on miCARD will be with them. I personally carry miCARD in my wallet all the time, as I travel extensively."

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration projects more than 100,000 motorcycle injuries will occur this year alone. Even with the advent of statewide motorcycle safety campaigns to help automobile drivers become more aware of motorcyclists, fatalities continue to rise.

Carrying medical information ensures that emergency personnel have the critical information they need to make lifesaving decisions should an accident occur.

miCARD is the only medical information card and online Personal Health Record (PHR) designed by an emergency physician. In less than one minute, miCARD gives medical personnel in the field a readable summary of a member’s vital medical information.

This includes: current medical conditions, critical medications, emergency contacts, allergies and more. miCARD’s wallet card is further supported by an online PHR which stores additional member information such as: advance directives, physician contacts, EKG’s, lab results, and current medications.

All personal medical information is stored securely online and viewable at the miCARD website 24/7 by treating medical providers worldwide.

"Critical decisions about your health are made in the first few minutes of your emergency care," said Dr. James Kelley, a practicing ER physician and co-founder of

"If you are unconscious or incapacitated, medical personnel have no knowledge of your existing medical conditions, critical medications or other important details which could impact your care and save your life."