Pala Motocross: AMA Moto #1 Recap

Pala MX Results

The first 450 and inaugural motocross race at Pala Raceway was historical for the dirt track, yet typical of the season. Honda Red Bull's Andrew Short picked up another holeshot, and was followed out of the gate by Ryan Sipes, Mike Alessi and Ryan Dungey.

In true champion mx form, Dungey eventually reeled them all in and opened up a 30-second lead by the time the checkered flag hit. Behind him in the duel for second, Andrew Short held in the #2 spot for most of the race as Metty tried to gain some ground.

They were shoulder to should at around the twenty-minute mark until Short picked the wrong lapper to follow through the S-curves and lost his spot to the #24 when he got stuck behind a crash.

The lead is now up to eight as the two riders get ready for moto #2. A great way to start off a new track, now get ready for the 250 battle between Trey and Christophe!

450 Moto #1 Finish

1. Ryan Dungey

2. Brett Metcalfe

3. Andrew Short

4. Ryan Sipes

5. Kyle Regal

6. Ben Townley

7. Kevin Windham

8. Mike Alessi

9. Kyle Chisholm

10. Matt Goerke

The 250 class moto #1 was hyped as what could be the race of the year, and that it was....although not like many predicted.

Christophe and Trey got off the line in 4th and 5th respectively behind Wilson's holeshot, Rattray and Cole Seely. #38 and #377 battle for a few laps. Trey was all over him and eventually got by, but can't make it stick and tumbled to the ground!

He pulled it back up to 5th and way over 15 seconds behind Christophe. A few laps later in a shocking turn of events, Pourcel fell in the back section of the track and apparently has broken his arm.

Trey rode the remainder of the race in 4th behind Seely, Rattray and Dean Wilson who led wire to wire. It doesn't appear that Christophe will be back and Trey Canard, now leading by 11 points will likely be your 2010 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross 250 Champion.

To be frank, it feels a little anti-climactic ending to what has been an amazing. We wish Christophe nothing but the best and hope is he ok and back for moto #2.

250 Moto #1 Results

1. Dean Wilson

2. Tyla Rattray

3. Cole Seely

4. Trey Canard

5. Broc Tickle

6. Justin Barcia

7. Wil Hahn

8. Eli Tomac

9. Tommy Weeck

10. Austin Howell

And the Motorcycle-USA comes to a close in the first moto and we have ourselves a champion. Ashley Fiolek snagged the holeshot followed by Sara Price and Jessica Patterson.

JP quickly passed them both and checked out. Fiolek fell early and tried to battle back but finished 11seconds behind in 2nd place.

The victory for Jessica gave her a 25 point lead, and due to her advantage in overall victories, clinched the championship. Congrats to Jessica on her 6th WMX title.

Ashley will be back for more in 2011 and eager to get her crown back. Vicki Golden rode solid all moto and snagged the 3rd spot atop the podium.

WMX Moto #1 Results

1. Jessica Patterson

2. Ashley Fiolek

3. Vicki Golden

4. Sara Price

5. Mariana Balbi

6. Tatum Sik

7. Tarah Geiger

8. Sherri Cruse

9. Alexah Pearson

10. Jacqueline Strong


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