Pala Motocross: AMA Moto #2 Recap

Pala MX Results

The 450 MX class in the 2010 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships has come to a close, a long way from where it started.

Ryan Dungey wins the title, and a rookie record 10th overall with a 1-1 finish, just over 3 months away from starting the season 10-6 eight hours north of here at Hangtown.

Chad Reed, champion of the series opener defending his 2009 AMA Motocross title has been out of the series for over a month battling Epstein-Barr and losing his ride and gear deal in the meantime. Second place after Hangtown was Mike Alessi on a 350KTM.

This afternoon, Andrew Short and Brett Metcalfe were battling for the runner-up spot. Metty increased his lead to seven points after moto #1 and got off to a great start in moto #2 taking the holeshot, but fell early.

Short would eventually cede to Dungey and Metcalfe would battle back into third, securing the 2nd place distinction for the 2010 season.

Quite a rookie year in the 450 class for him as well as newbies on the big bikes dominated the series this year. Dungey, Short, Metcalfe goes the podium as the curtain starts to fall here at Pala.

450 Moto #2 Results

1. Ryan Dungey

2. Andrew Short

3. Brett Metcalfe

4. Ben Townley

5. Kyle Chisholm

6. Ryan Sipes

7. Justin Brayton

8. Kevin Windham

9. Nick Wey

10. Dan Reardon

As the gate dropped on the second 250 moto it signified the end of the Championship race. Christophe Pourcel did not bring the red plate #377 to the starting line after separating his shoulder in moto #1, and it sealed the victory for Trey Canard.

Dean Wilson took the holeshot followed by Trey and teammate Tyla Rattray. Tyla got around Trey a few laps in, and as Dean opened things up that remained the running order until the checkered flag fell.

The 1-1 sweep is surely some momentum that Wilson will take into the off-season as he attempts to be the man to beat come 2011 with Canard and Pourcel moving up.

Tyla Rattray has also started to find a continued groove here in the states and will take the runner-up spot in the 250 class this year as a big stepping stone towards repeating the success he had in the European series.

Congratulations on the day go to Trey Canard and the GEICO Powersports Honda team as they fought back every race since RedBud to close the gap and take home the well deserved championship.

Trey, mom and team were noticeably emotional on the podium after the presentation, and deservedly so after such a great year.

250 Moto #2 Results

1. Dean Wilson

2. Tyla Rattray

3. Trey Canard

4. Eli Tomac

5. Justin Barcia

6. Martin Davalos

7. Wil Hahn

8. Gareth Swanepoel

9. Broc Tickle

10. Darryn Durham

The WMX Championship already in hand, the ladies hit the track in the afternoon with a similar start as Ashley Fiolek grabbed the holeshot and never looked back.

She held off Jessica Patterson all race to win the overall and go 2-1 on the day, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough as she was denied the three-peat but will be back with a vengeance in 2011.

Tarah Geiger returned to form in the second moto as well, finishing third, but a poor first race kept her off the podium as Vicki Golden rounded out the box for the overall.

It was a fiercely competitive women’s season and as rider continue to develop and receive support, we can look forward to many more in the future.

WMX Moto #2 Results

1. Ashley Fiolek

2. Jessica Patterson

3. Tarah Geiger

4. Alexah Pearson

5. Mariana Balbi

6. Vicki Golden

7. Sherri Cruse

8. Sarah Whitmore

9. Tatum Sik

10. Kasie Creson


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