Alpinestars: Motorcycle Inspired Surfboards

Motorcycle Inspiration

Alpinestars has produced five unique surfboard covers which meld a passion for surf culture with a rich history in motorcycle racing technology and protection.

Currently on display at the Costa Mesa, Calif., lifestyle fashion boutique The Closet, the five surfboards are an interpretation of Alpinestars’ racing technology, in a context outside of racing.

All of the pieces and materials used to create these board covers are borrowed from Alpinestars’ leather racing suits and other protective pieces.

The five covers were hand-stitched and assembled in Alpinestars’ dedicated racing development factory in Asolo Italy, where a team of engineers, designers and seamstresses are devoted specifically to the Alpinestars racing program and athletes.

These surfboards draw inspiration from the Alpinestars’ leather racing suits that protect World Champion athletes. 

The board covers are constructed using:

• Full grain leather
• Perforated leather
• Stretch Kevlar
• Accordion-stretch leather panels
• Bionic Back protector (rear stomp pad)
• Bionic Chest Protector (front stomp pad)
• Racing Replica suit elbow protectors (side rails)
• Super Tech R boot mesh insert (nose)
• Bionic short backbone protectors (fins)

Five of these unique boards were constructed and one will be given away. All Alpinestars purchases between now and Sept. 6, at any of The Closet’s four Southern California locations will automatically enter customers in a drawing to win one of the boards.