Dynacycle Oil Claims More Horespower

Motorcycle Oil

The Dynacycle Oil Company claims that their product, Dynacycle Oil, has again out performed Amsoil MCV in recent independent dynamometer testing under accelerated conditions.

The test, conducted on a Dynojet 250i dynamometer used a 2007 Harley-Davidson Street Glide FLHX as a mule. Even when the outside temperature was 6.5 degrees hotter, testing measured an increase of an additional 2.33 more horsepower and 2.77 more pounds of torque just by changing the oil to Dynacycle.

The recent independent Dynojet 250i dynamometer testing was conducted by Marc Russo, co-owner of Cycle Dynamics, Inc. Marc has 15+ years of experience repairing and building "anything on wheels." He has completed dynamometer training at Dynojet in Las Vegas and has an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology. After years of working in other repair shops, Marc, along with his father Tony, established Cycle Dynamics in 2005. Their shop is located at 3300 S. Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach, FL 33426. (cycledynamicsinc.net)

The Dynacycle Oil Company is a biker owned and operated business established in 2003. Our product, Dynacycle Oil is a premium 20W-50 semi-synthetic blend motor oil specifically formulated for all 4 stroke air and water cooled motorcycle and performance engines.

It combines the performance advantages of a high quality synthetic formulation with the economical price of petroleum. It provides shear and oxidation stability, superior anti-wear and deposit control for premium lubrication performance and engine protection.

Its superior protection reduces engine friction thus decreasing temperature and wear and increasing horsepower and torque.