Fly Racing Roller Grande Gear Bag Review: Room for Everything, and Then Some

Fly Racing Roller Grande Gear Bag Review: Room for Everything, and Then Some

Fly Racing Roller Grande Review: Motorcycle Gear Bag

In our line of work, we’re sent gallivanting around the globe to test motorcycles and eat foreign snacks. It seems straight forward enough, but whether or not you’re going to visit the world’s busiest airports or a track day, having all your gear in a trustworthy bag is a godsend. This is where the Fly Racing Roller Grande motorcycle gear bag excels.

Constructed of durable PVC-backed Nylon, the Roller Grande roller bag measures 17 x 16 x 33 inches (H x W x L). With those dimensions, average motorcyclists should expect to fit all their gear in one piece of luggage–along with clothing and whatever they’ll need to bring in tow.

Fly Racing Roller Grande Gear Bag Review: Room for Everything, and Then Some...Featuring a large compartment, accompanied by two on each end, the Fly Racing Roller Grande was designed for motorcyclists specifically. Each vented end-compartment was created to carry dirty clothing/gear, or better yet, full-sized motorcycle boots. With your muddy or sweaty boots safely stowed away, you can then store all of your clothing, helmet and other gear in the center compartment without making a mess of things.

For a recent trip to Spain, where I rode the 2017 Triumph Street Triple RS and the 2017 Ducati SuperSport in the same week, I had to fill the Fly Racing Roller Grande to nearly capacity. Nearly? For those curious, it was able to carry: Spidi Evorider Jacket, Spidi SuperSport Wind Pro suit, XPD X-Two boots, Racer Highspeed Gloves, TCX R-S2 EVO boots, PandoMoto Karl Jean, Saint Unbreakable Jean, and a week’s worth of clothing, with a bit of room to spare.

There are several other noteworthy features within the Roller Grande that make it appealing for anyone riding track, whether on- or off-road. One of my favorite features is the Integrated Mud Mat. It can be unzipped from the side of the bag, providing a clean place mat to take your gear on and off. If you’re out on the trail or at an MX course, it can be difficult to find a clean spot to change; the Fly Racing Roller Grande assists in that regard.

Aside from having accessory pockets within the main compartment that are able to hold personal items like your wallet, cell phone and keys, the Roller Grande also features a fleece-lined pocket that hold goggles without damaging them.

When traveling, the Roller Grande does quite well. So far, it has survived on numerous occasions the rigors of baggage handlers across the United States and Western Europe without fail. When running to your connection flight, you’ll be able to easily tow the Roller Grande from its telescoping handle. It has been a go-to bag of choice, whether traveling out of the country or heading to the track, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Fly Racing Roller Grande Bag Fast Facts
Size: 17 x 16 x 33 inches (H x W x L)
Color: Black/grey
Fly Racing Roller Grande Bag Price: $130 MSRP



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