Saint Unbreakable Slim Fit Jean Review | Serious Style & Protection

Saint Unbreakable Slim Fit Jean Review

Saint Unbreakable Slim Fit Jean Review | Serious Style & ProtectionWhen it comes to motorcycle gear, designers are always looking to achieve maximize protection while minimizing restriction and weight. And the balance between those points is always met with compromise.

A few years ago, things really took off when the moto world was introduced to Kevlar-lined denim – but that seems old-hat in comparison to what the boys from Australia at Saint have created.

Saint ditched the old model, and sought out materials that would offer the freedom and feel of your average pair of jeans. The Saint solution arrives in the form of UHMWPE Dyneema, an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material.

The result is astounding – Saint’s 12oz., Unbreakable Slim Fit Jean weighs about as much as your favorite pair of jeans, and in terms of styling, matches them as well; a point I’ll get to later.

Movement is unrestricted, comfortable and natural. Saint markets all of its denim as an “all day/night wearable” garments, which I was skeptical about. However, after riding several hours home in the dark of night in foggy central coast weather, I can attest to the Unbreakable Jeans’ insulating properties. On the same token, they perform remarkably well in hot weather. At no point did I sit up from the saddle with sweat-soaked pants, thanks to the sweat-wicking properties of the Unbreakable Jeans.

Single-layer denim may strike fear in the hearts of any prospective buyer, but that’s because they’ve never been introduced to this fabric, in the motorcycle world, that is. Unlike many brands that opt in for heavy denim in conjunction with liners, Saint Denim is constructed out of a double warp beam weave of 66% Dyneema and 33% cotton.

From our own research, Dyneema is apparently Up to 15 times stronger than steel (weight for weight basis); 40% stronger than aramids (weight for weight basis); resistant to moisture, UV,  chemicals; and can even float in water, although I plan on avoiding that last point.

It’s light and functional because it isn’t making use of a base layer or liner; the protection elements are woven into the denim. According to the Aussie based brand, Saint’s 12oz Unbreakable Denim vs. the off-the-shelf 100% Cotton 14oz denim is 133 times more resistant to abrasion. They also have a CE certification to prove it, showing 3.67 seconds of sliding before failure.

What aids in all of this is 360º torsional strength. If you check out the video below, you’ll see Saint employees hanging, slashing and tugging at the fabric in futility. Slick video doesn’t sell me on products, but it does tend to help illustrate the point – it does actually live up to the name.

Earlier, I mentioned that manufactures have to make sacrifices when negotiating weight, mobility, etc. The Saint Unbreakable Slim Fit Jeans do make some comprises in terms of impact protection. Unfortunately, they do not have any armor of any kind. That doesn’t mean you can’t fit a slim-profile knee pad under them, and these jeans are aimed at a more aesthetics, less performance oriented crowd. However, Saint does offer an armored line of garments, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Let’s put the technology aside for a moment and address another issue within the motorcycle industry: Styling. More often than not, riding oriented jean are overbuilt, bulky, and begin making a one-piece suit look like a smarter option for a quick jaunt out on two-wheels.

These have a slim-fit, mid-rise cut and styling that someone with an eye for fashion can appreciate. I enjoy a fitted pair of jeans, excess material doesn’t interest me. The color is representative of the Dyneema weave which gives everything a slight shimmer and a unique look overall.

Triple stitching, bound seems and reflective cuffs pull it all together, confirming that this is a product built by riders, for riders. The attention to detail is also a huge plus with me, from the engraved buttons to the aforementioned reflective cuffs, impeccable stitching and lastly, great packaging; it’s the little things that pique my interest.

If you’re in the market for a casual riding jean that can take serious punishment, and lives up to your own style standards, look into the Saint Unbreakable Slim Fit Jean. The Saint Slim Fit is available now for $600 in Indigo and Black.

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