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Pando Moto Karl Kevlar Jean

Pando Moto Karl Kevlar Jean Review

For tPando Moto Karl Kevlar Jeans

he commuter and style-minded riders, leather suits or pants aren’t always the best choice. That fact couldn’t be truer for those of us that have to commute into the office, and still need to maintain a professional look once we’re on the job.

So why sacrifice protection, when there are quality alternatives? Pando Moto, a Lithuanian-based brand, has stepped up to the task and created comfortable, stylish and purpose-made Kevlar-lined jeans for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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The Pando Moto Karl jean has all of the bells and whistles that any rider could ask for. Beginning with 12.05oz CORDURA denim, the Karl jeans are soft to the touch and pliable. That’s an important point to consider because we motorcycles tend to contort our bodies into some unusual positions when riding, and the average pair of denim jeans can often create uncomfortable binding in the knees, especially for those who go in for the fitted look.

It’s rare that we Californians gets to test gear in both rain and shine, but the Karl jeans served me well warm and sunny climates. In our sunny Southern California climate, I was kept well ventilated thanks to the COOLMAX technology that the Karl jeans employ.Pando Moto Karl Kevlar Jean

While up north in the wet, humid, Washington weather aboard the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra – I found much of the same, to my surprise. Though the Karl jeans aren’t water proof, I didn’t suffer while covered in rain gear. Trust us, even the most reputable brands have issues while being covered in rain gear, and that’s quite an accomplishment. In all, the Karl jeans allow a great deal of comfort, no matter which extreme condition you might find yourself in.

Mobility is an all important factor when it comes to gear. So, helping you along are stretch panels at the waist and knees. This aspect of the Karl is perhaps my favorite component and a true sign that it was designed with riders in mind. No longer will you have your jeans sagging from your hips, or armor that is pressed uncomfortably to your knee caps; the stretch paneling keeps everything in order.

In terms of protection, the Karl comes equipped with SAS-TEC Level 1 knee protectors, both of which can be inserted with ease into their external pockets. That’s a big win because once you get to your destination, you can pop the SAS-TEC armor out for a little bit more leg room. That helps with impact protection, but a good pair of riding pants also needs some abrasion protection. For that, Pando Moto has made use of a Kevlar liner that protects your seat, thighs.

The whole package is brought together with quality stitching, and an attention to detail that you’d expect from any premium brand out on the market. The most satisfying part is that they won’t break the bank, in fact, they’re quite affordable, coming in at about $223.

If looking for a slim-fit, great-looking, high-quality pair of riding jeans, which are designed for riders, the Pando Moto Karl should be on your short list. Available now direct from Pando Moto for $223, the Karl jean is available in four models: Indigo, Selvage, Desert, and Black.

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Photography provided by Pando Moto


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