TCX R-S2 EVO Boots Review | Perfect fit with the ‘Precise Air Fit System’

TCX R-S2 EVO Boots Review | Race Boot for sale

TCX R-S2 EVO Boots Review

TCX R-S2 EVO Boots Review | Race Boot for saleIf you’re going to do one thing, you should do it well. That isn’t the motto of TCX, but as makers of fine motorcycle footwear, they could easily run with that slogan. TCX road boots cover every style of riding from light, around-town use to full-on MotoGP- and WSBK- level racing. Covering the far end of the race spectrum is the TCX R-S2 EVO.

The TCX R-S2 EVO is a sleek, professional grade, race-oriented boot that can easily handle the rigors of canyon riding but, more importantly, the track. Out of the box we’re met with a stylish take on the traditional race boot. But while they look great, there are several features that set them apart.

One of the more unique aspects of the TCX R-S2 EVO – and probably the most appealing to someone who has fitment issues – is the “Precise Air Fit System.” The TCX R-S2 EVO uses an anti-bacterial airbladder in the front portion of the boot to make corrections in fitment. Using the air pump found on the outside of the boot, you can tighten up the fit if you desire. It’s quick, easy and if you go a bit too tight, you can quickly release the air at the touch of a button.

Shoe companies have done this before, and it’s always been executed to less than what we would have liked, at least that’s how I felt when I got some Nike Air Pumps as a kid. The air bladder is divided into varying thicknesses which fits to the instep of the wearer. This allows for a proper, snug fit without inhibiting range of motion. As you break in the boot, you can make sure that you’re comfortable the entire time which is a massive plus in our book. Dealing with poor fitting boots after you’ve worn them a few times is never enjoyable.

Another unique feature is the elastic band insert found at the upper end of the zipper. We’ve all been there; you own a bulky suit and getting the zipper up on your boots is a mission more taxing than the ride itself. This helps alleviate those issues by giving you a bit of wiggle room, which is much appreciated.

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Helping along in that accommodations department is the Velcro suede securing flap. Some riders gravitate towards boots with click-straps, but I’ve always click-straps to be a bit fussy. While some riders put their faith in the click-strap, I prefer that the zippers are found on the inside portion of the boot, along with the Velcro flap, thus making is far more lower profile and preventing anything from becoming hung up during an unplanned dismount.

TCX RS 2 EVO inside of bootIn terms of protection, we are talking about TCX’s flagship racing boot, so you will see lots of it. Full leather exterior with protection clauses arrive in the form of replaceable high-resistant alloy toe, rear and ankle sliders, as well as a calf slider.

Polyurethane shin plates with air intakes, shift pads, suede heath guards and one of the most important factors, torsion control. All of these are must-haves when it comes to a track or race oriented boot. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, as they say.

For a track boot, torsion control is an absolute must. TCX uses a CARBON TECH Torsion Control System which, according to them, is an evolution of the T.C.S. system that utilizes carbon fiber. A good torsion control system will reduce lateral movement (side to side) while still allowing longitudinal moment (forward).

When wearing the R-S2 EVO, this is a huge benefit because not only can you walk around the paddock normally but it allows a level of sturdiness to be achieved while you’re weighing the pegs with your inside foot, thus reducing muscle fatigue. It’s a feature that can be overbuilt in the name of protection while sacrificing mobility and the R-S2 EVO has found a great balance.

Another key feature is the Metatarsal Control System, which prevents movement in the metatarsal areas. What does that mean? High levels of protection for your toe areas, helping prevent hyper-extension and breaking. Again, this does not sacrifice mobility in any way, so TCX has delivered another key feature that I would love to see become standard in boots.

Internally, you’ll find a traditional zip chord with a tongue and groove system that incorporates a partial inner bootie. With extremely plush AIR TECH breathable, double compound PU SOFT padding around the ankle areas, the boot is incredibly comfortable. All of that adds up to an excellent feeling boot that didn’t creating any chaffing or blisters. The R-S2 EVO has several vents throughout, as well as perforation. And while I haven’t worn these in the winter yet, in scorching 104 (F) degree weather, I didn’t become swampy. Quite the contrary, my feet remained neutral the entire day.

TCX RS 2 EVO Boot testThe R-S2 EVO uses a low profile, mono compound sole that provides a massive amount of tactile response. That means shifting, foot peg placement and brake use work wonderfully. When it comes to boots, that’s one of the major deciding factors: Can I feel my controls? If it’s a yes, then they’re certainly going into the rotation and the R-S2 EVO fits the bill in spades.

Complaints? I genuinely have none. This is a top level boot and it comes with a degree of quality that you’d expect with that title, and they live up our high praises.

Whether you’re a track-day rider, amateur racer, pro-level rider, or someone that likes to hit the canyons for some spirited rides, the TCX R-S2 EVO will be able to handle everything you throw at them and more. And really, if these boots work out for the likes of Moto2/Moto3 riders Johann Zarco, Sam Lowes and Brad Binder, they’re more than good enough for you and me.

The TCX R-S2 EVO cost around $430, and is available in Black/Graphite and White/Black. For additional information, please visit TCX Boots.

TCX R-S2 Features:

  • Precise Air Fit System
  • C.S Torsion Control System Carbon Tech
  • Metatarsal Control System
  • Breathable and high wear resistant
  • Microinjected inserts
  • Padded front and rear area for a better comfort and flexibility
  • Double compound soft padding around the ankle area
  • Polyurethane shin plate with mesh air intakes
  • Polyurethane shift pad integrated in the sole
  • Internal suede heel guard to grant maximum grip
  • High-resistant alloy toe, rear, ankle and calf sliders
  • Zipper and VELCRO brand closure
  • Elastic insert to allow a better fit
  • Reinforced sole with mono rubber compound in high grip areas
  • CE Certified