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Spidi Evorider Leather Jacket Review

Spidi Evorider Leather Jacket Review

Spidi Evorider Leather Jacket Review
Testing the Spidi Evorider aboard the new Ducati SuperSport

Choosing the correct jacket can be tough, but for the sportier side of motorcycling, the Spidi Evorider leather jacket is optimal for any situation from urban to track riding.

Constructed from 1.1-1.3mm pliable leather, the Spidi Evorider is cut to handle both mundane commuting and aggressive riding. When first putting the Spidi Evorider jacket on, I immediately noticed the soft leather and pre-curved arms, which add much comfort when in the riding position.

Weighing in at around five pounds, it’s a relatively light jacket. This lightweight factor helps reduce fatigue while riding, and is an aspect that I’ve truly come to appreciate since my first ride with the Spidi Evorider.

Spidi Evorider Leather Jacket Review with yelllowAccordion paneling throughout the shoulders allows for a great range of movement–a huge asset for aggressive riding. Again, this is another aspect of the jacket that should pique the interests of riders who have more than one type of riding in mind.

Large button snaps are found on the collar, hip-adjusters, and wrists. Every snap can be easily manipulated with a gloved hand, and provides a confident click when in place. As expected, all of the zippers throughout the Evorider function properly, and do not bind up on excess material.

In terms of protection, the Spidi Evorider uses leather as its main defense against abrasion, and impact protection hasn’t been ignored. The Evorider uses Spidi’s “Warrior” shields on the exterior of the shoulders, accompanied by CE-certified Forcetech armor on the interior of the shoulders. Forcetech armor also protects your elbows.

The Spidi Evorider does not arrive with a back protector, however it is ready to accept a CE Level 1 or Level 2 back protector. If you plan on wearing this jacket on the track, you can slide a track-ready protector in place with ease.

The Evorider jacket is compatible with several leather pants in the Spidi line, though Spidi recommends the RR Pro leather pant. The jacket and pants are connected via full-waist zipper, allowing you to run a two-piece suit.

Spidi Evorider Leather Jacket Review ventilationOne of my favorite aspects is the internal liner, which does not bunch up while putting on the jacket. The Evorider has a single internal pocket that can hold a phone or wallet. Additionally, the Evorider jacket accepts the Spidi H2Out waterproofing liner or the Spidi thermo-liner, should you need extra protection from the elements.

Having worn the Evorider through the winter riding season here in California when temps dipped into 30s, it has served me well—as long as I wore a simple base layer. As for warmer temps, the jacket provided adequate cooling when the mercury hit the mid-80s.

For ventilation during the warmer temps, the Spidi Evorider jacket has small perforations on the elbows and back. Positive airflow is further aided through two small vents on the upper chest, which offer a decent amount of air into the jacket.

The stretch paneling in the arms allows for a great deal of airflow, which emphasizes why a wind-stopping base layer is needed on those chilly rides. Aside from record-breaking heat, the Spidi Evorider is suitable for a wide variety of temperatures.

The Spidi Evorider is a versatile sportbike jacket, catering to the rider who seeks a do-all jacket for commuting, touring, sport riding, and track riding.

Spidi Evorider Fast Facts:

  • Colors: Black, Black/White, black/Red, Black/Fluorescent Yellow
  • Sizes: 46-58
  • Spidi Evorider Leather Jacket Price: $550 MSRP

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