Spidi Supersport Wind Pro Leather Suit Review | Top-Tier Quality, Low Price

Spidi Supersport Wind Pro Leather Suit Review

Spidi Supersport Wind Pro Leather Suit Review

Spidi Supersport Wind Pro Leather Suit Review

Leather motorcycle suits are an investment, and necessary for any serious sport rider. And this investment requires quite a bit of thought. With its Supersport Wind Pro, the Italian-based Spidi offers top-tier protection and quality like those found in a pure race suit, without the typical Italian price to match.

The Supersport Wind Pro is constructed out of 100% Italian cowhide, which out of the box is already a step above the competition when we consider base-model suits. The leather is soft, supple and pliable, aiding your movement when in full tuck or full lean. Range of motion is only aided by several stretch panels which line the upper and lower back, as well as thighs.

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One of my favorite aspects of this particular suit is something that several other manufacturers typically forgo: a Neoprene collar, cuffs and ankle. In regard to the collar, when leather spends a full day rubbing against exposed skin, you’re going to be suffering some severe chaffing. This is most felt in the collar areas due to the large amount of movement that occurs when riding sporting machines but thanks to your neoprene collar, you’ll have no worries of rubbing your skin raw. We also recommend a full undersuit to further prevent any discomfort when wearing leather suits.

In terms of protection, the Supersport Wind Pro does admirably in the face of its direct competition.  En 1621-1 certified armor is found in the elbows, shoulders and hips. Hip armor is usually an add on, if available at all and that is always appreciated.

Spidi Supersport Wind Pro Leather Suit Test

All of this armor doesn’t constrict movement –  another huge win from Spidi. That wasn’t done by mistake; Spidi has put a concerted effort into maximizing protection while simultaneously allowing for the maximum range of motion. At no point will you be restricted or feel awkward binding. The suit truly works with the rider in every regard.

Of course, because this is a sport-oriented garment, knee pucks are included. Some might be concerned by the smaller size of the Spidi slider. While smaller, they allow for far more mobility and movement, providing riders with varying sizes to position the sliders perfectly.

Additionally, the Spidi Supersport Wind Pro can accept both certified level 1 or 2, chest and back protectors. When it comes to protection, Spidi has opted to give their more affordable suit protection options that rival any pro level race gear found out on the grid.

Unlike the price, the styling is representative of the Italians to the fullest extent. Many suits can be a bit gaudy but the Supersport Wind Pro is tasteful, chock-full of great touches throughout the piece.

In Southern California we deal with quite a bit of heat. Tracks are in desolate and usually extremely hot climates that truly test both man and machine. What helps keep you going is the large amounts of perforation throughout the chest and thigh areas of the Spidi Supersport Wind Pro. The suit remains breathable, never stifling the rider.

Fitment is subjective, but Spidi is true to their spec sheet, so when ordering make sure to follow their guidelines.

There are no issues with the Spidi Supersport Wind Pro, but if I were pressed to find flaws, it would be with the zipper clasp at the top and the looks of the stitching.

For the price, Spidi is offering the same level of protection and quality that you’d find in its flagship models, sans the pro-level embellishments like shoulder and elbow sliders. For the canyon rider or track day enthusiast, this suit is a prime option given it’s $999 USD price.

Spidi Supersport Wind Pro Leather Suit Fast Facts:

  • Colors: black/white; red; black/red; yellow/black; black/green
  • Sizes: 46-58 EURO
  • Price: $999.90
  • Visit Spidi

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