Cortech Quick-Dry Air Undersuit | Review

Cortech Quick-Dry Air undersuit test

Cortech Quick-Dry Air Undersuit

Cortech Quick-Dry Air Undersuit | ReviewIt’s easy to say that protection is of paramount importance when at the track, and of course that’s true. Like all insurance, you appreciate it when you actually need it. However, in some ways, of equal importance is comfort, and I cannot stress enough the value of that.

Heat (and subsequent sweating) are big issues when riding on track where speeds are fast and consequences high. Bad things happen quickly if you are distracted or aren’t thinking at your sharpest. If you get too hot, and/or too uncomfortable, at best you won’t ride well—at worst, you’ll lose concentration and crash.

Although wearing another layer seems a little unintuitive, nevertheless, the value of Cortech’s Quick-Dry Air Undersuit ($79.99) cannot be underestimated. It is perfect as an under-suit layer as it helps to prevent the suit sticking, by wicking away sweat while keeping you (relatively) cool—and it works.

Made from Quick-Dry and anti-bacterial polyester tricot mesh with a Spandex stretch collar, lower back, upper knee, and calf panels, the undersuit works perfectly with the Latigo’s mesh liner and allows a little movement of your body inside the suit. Race suits by their nature have to be pretty tight so they don’t bunch under you when/if sliding, but by that nature they can also feel tight and restrictive.

Cortech’s undersuit ensures a little movement of your body, so that as you shift your body position on the bike you don’t feel constricted or inhibited by the suit itself.

At the end of your day, removing the suit is made a whole world easier by having the undersuit, and of course with it retaining most of the sweat, your leathers stay supple and clean-smelling for a whole lot longer too.

The Cortech undersuit has thumb-holes and leg stirrups to prevent it riding up under the leathers – nice touches to again ensure a comfortable fit.

For additional information, visit Cortech.

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