2016 Ultimate Motorcycling Holiday Gift Guide | 40 Gifts From $1999 to $8

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Motobailey

2016 Ultimate Motorcycling Holiday Gift Ideas | 40 Motorcycle Gifts

Except for the fact that it’s too cold in much of the United States to go riding, it remains the most wonderful time of the year. If you have a motorcycle rider on your Christmas gift list, here are 40 gifts—listed starting with the  most expensive to the most affordable—that will suit any budget and delight anyone who loves two wheels.

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Kymco K Pipe 125

  1. Kymco K-Pipe 125: Yes, you can get a real motorcycle for less than $2000. With full-size 17-inch wheels, and an eight-horsepower 124cc motor, the Kymco K-Pipe is street legal, gets 70 mpg, and weighs just 224 pounds (dry). It makes a fun, unique gift for any motorcyclist. $1999 (Kymco)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Schuberth E1 helmet

  1. Schuberth E1 Helmet: It has taken a while for Schuberth to get to the adventure market, but the new E1 is definitely ADV ready. Most adventure helmets are based on off-road helmets, but the Schuberth E1 has roots in the C3 modular touring helmet. That makes this a great touring helmet for ADV riders who focus on the street, and want something new. $829 (Review)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Arai Quantum

  1. Arai Quantum-X Helmet: Building on the success of the Corsair-X track helmet, the new Arai Quantum-X (and its close relative, the Signet-X) is designed to be the pluperfect street bike helmet. The Quantum-X takes many of the Corsair’s safety features and puts them into a helmet that has a larger eyeport so the rider can see more of the road. $680 (Review)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: RSD Ronin

  1. RSD Ronin Limited Steel Collection Jacket: Best known for amazing custom motorcycles, Roland Sands Design also has outstanding motorcycle apparel. The RSD Ronin jacket, part of the Limited Steel Collection, has a classic style that works on and off the bike. If your Christmas gift recipient is going to ride with it—be it a sport bike or a cruiser—make sure to buy CE-rated protection for the armor-ready pockets in the elbows, shoulders, and back. $620 (Roland Sands Design)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Shoei X2

5. Shoei Hornet X2 Helmet: A classic adventure helmet, the Hornet X2 has all the features needed for hard-core off-pavement ADV riding, as well as the comfort required for long stretches on the highway. With superb ventilation, the Shoei Hornet X2 is especially effective for summertime riding. $604 (Review)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Dainese Continental Jacket

  1. Dainese Continental D1 Gore-Tex Jacket: With a sophisticated streamline look, the Dainese Continental D1 Gore-Tex jacket is prepared for riding in all sorts of winter weather conditions. The Gore-Tex layer is waterproof, while the Thermore fill keeps the rider warm. There are features that allow for riding in warmer weather, and the back has room for an optional CE-rated G1 or G2 back protector from Dainese. $600 (Dainese)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: SUOMY SR Sport

  1. Suomy SR Sport Helmet: Suomy’s profile in the United States has been an inconsistent one, but with a new importer, their lightweight helmets are available again. We quite like the Suomy SR Sport, and there are a wide range of colors and graphic treatments—15 in all—a hallmark of the brand. If you know an Andrea Dovizioso fan, there are three choices, including the Dovi Mugello shown here. Read our Suomy SR Sport review. $550 (Suomy)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Held Harvey 76

  1. Held Harvey 76 Jacket: For many riders, this is exactly what a motorcycle jacket is supposed to look like—racing stripes and distressed leather. While it looks good off the bike, it comes standard with very-comfortable CE-approved D3O shoulder and elbow protection. Be sure to get an optional CE back protector from Held to keep your gift recipient safe. $550 (Review)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Sena 20S

  1. Sena 20S Dual Pack: Communication is imperative when out riding, and the Sena 20S Dual Pack allows two riders or a rider and a passenger to talk clearly and easily. Sure, you can get a single 20S ($299), but it’s nice to have someone to talk to. Of course, the 20S works with your smartphone or GPS, and has a built-in FM radio for solo riders. We’re big fans of the Sena software, which is highly user friendly. $549/pair (Review)


  1. Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly: If someone on your list has a big bike in the garage and needs to move it around easily, he will love the Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly. Regardless of how unwieldy the motorcycle is, the Condor Dolly can handle it. $444 (Review)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Simpson Helmet

  1. Simpson Model 30 Bandit Helmet: With authentic retro flair, the M30 mixes dirt bike and street styles for a strikingly original look. The standard composite shell shown can be upgraded to carbon fiber, which cuts a half-pound from its weight, while adding $200 to the price. $400 (Simpson)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Monster Moto Mini Bike

  1. Monster Moto Classic Mini Bike: It may look like it’s straight out of the 1960s, but the Monster Moto Classic Mini Bike is new, and available for a song. There are certainly better motorcycles for kids (though not at this price), but the fun of the Monster Moto Classic is adults using it as a pit bike or campground cruiser. $400 (Monster Moto)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: AXO Aragon

  1. AXO Aragon Boots: Road racers and track day fans who want a boot with standout visuals, that also is highly functional, will love a pair of AXO Aragon boots. With styling liberally cribbed from the dirt bike world, the Aragon boots have a MotoGP-inspired name and all the high-end safety features you expect. $350 (AXO)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: IXS eliott

  1. IXS Eliott Jacket: This vintage-flavored jacket is part of IXS’s Spirit of ’79 collection. Handsome enough for casual wear, it retains technical status thanks to bovine nappa leather, plus CE elbow and shoulder protection. IXS sells CE Level-2 back protection, so make sure you add that when giving the Eliott jacket as a gift. $299 (IXS)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Cortech Latigo 2

  1. Cortech Latigo 2.0 Leather Jacket: Named after one of the most exhilarating roads in Malibu, the Cortech Latigo 2.0 leather jacket has quiet styling that can work for riders of sport bikes, as well as cruiser riders who want a fully technical jacket. There are CE protectors in the shoulders and elbows. To get proper back protection, you’ll have to source it from another company, but it’s worth doing. $290 (Cortech)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Alpinestars GP Pro Glove

  1. Alpinestars GP Pro R2 Glove: For gift recipients who demand the ultimate in performance and protection, the Alpinestars GP Pro R2 glove is a leader in both categories. The armor is there to save your hands on the highest speed circuits, yet the GP Pro R2 allows the tactile feedback required when pushing 200 mph. $280 (Alpinestars)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Nexx XG10

  1. Nexx X.G10 Muddy Hog Helmet: It wasn’t long ago that if you wanted a helmet with this sort of style, you had to settle for a non-DOT display lid. Nexx brings the past into the present with the X.G10 Muddy Hog helmet. It’s both ECE and DOT legal, and is a fashionable choice when the ultimate in protection is not required. If you don’t like the Muddy Hog, the X.G10 line has other retro paint jobs available. $250 (Nexx)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: HJC Ironman

  1. HJC Marvel IS-17 Iron Man Helmet: Comic books and motorcycle worlds collide in the new line of HJC helmets with Marvel graphics. The Iron Man edition shown uses the IS-17 helmet as a base. If the rider on your Christmas gift list has different tastes in superheroes, The Punisher and Captain America are available on the budget-friendly CL-17 helmet, with the high-end RPHA11 Pro helmet soon to host graphics celebrating Spider-Man and Venom. $250 (HJC)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Drayko Cargo

  1. Drayko Cargo Jeans: For riders who want abrasion protection in their jeans, along with an ultra-relaxed fit, the Drayko Cargo jeans are ideal. If you know someone who likes lots of pockets in his pants, these jeans have six large pockets, including two closable thigh pockets. $249 (Review)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: SPIDI Furious Tex Jean

  1. Spidi Furious Tex Jeans: They look like plain denim jeans, but the Furious Tex jeans from Spidi have Italian flair, plus a cotton/nylon blend for comfort and abrasion protection, along with CE-certified knee and hip protection. For ease of movement on and off the motorcycle, the Furious Tex jeans have Flex Tenax panels. $240 (Review)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Tour Master Cruiser bag

  1. Tour Master Nylon Cruiser III Traveler Sissybar Bag: Everyone likes to travel, and the Tour Master Nylon Cruiser III Traveler sissybar bag is ready to hit the road. Although it’s ideal for motorcycles with a sissybar, the Cruiser III also has wheels, so it can be used on vacation, even when a motorcycle is nowhere to be seen. $230 (Tour Master)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Racer Stratos GoreTex

  1. Racer Stratos Gore-Tex II Gloves: This is a high-performance glove that is also waterproof. Despite the name, Racer Stratos Gore-Tex II gloves are not only for competitors. This is a comfortable glove that will satisfy the demands of sport touring riders, and a squeegee on the left thumb enhances its capabilities in the rain. $190 (Racer Gloves)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Motobailey

  1. MotoBailey LaRyder Boots: Gift listers who demand American-made products will appreciate the MotoBaily LaRyder boots. Fine-quality footwear, they’re ideal for urban riders, and look great off the bike. Leather and Kevlar are there for abrasion protection, while plastic is used to reduce impacts to the ankles. Available in two shades of brown, the LaRyder books are for the discriminating motorcyclist. $220 (Review)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Fly Racing Terra Trek 4

  1. Fly Racing Terra Trek 4 Jacket: Ready for the inclement weather of the season, the Fly Racing Terra Trek 4 features the waterproofing and liner you need for the winter, as well as the venting that is essential in the summertime. Ready for adventure or sport-touring, the Fly Racing Terra Trek 4 jacket reflects Fly’s commitment to on- and off-road riders. Be sure to add Fly Racing’s CE Back armor ($25) for maximum safety. $200 (Review)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Joe Rocket Atomic 5

  1. Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0: Although it has the styling of a hard-core sport jacket, the textile Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 jacket is ready for the rain. Fully waterproof, including waterproof zippers and neoprene cuffs, the Atomic 5.0 also offers CE-approved protection in the shoulders and elbows (you’ll need to add it for the back), as well as venting for when temperatures rise. $170 (Joe Rocket)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Givi waterproof bag

  1. Givi GTR703 40-liter Waterproof Cargo Bag: This dual-purpose duffel-style bag can be mounted on your seat or rear cargo rack, or simply carried around by hand on any non-motorcycle trip you take. The Givi GTR703 is keeps rain out, and has over 10 gallons of storage capacity. The rugged bag is part of Givi’s Gravel-T line. $169 (GIVI)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: SIDI Doha Motorcycle Boot

  1. Sidi Doha Boots: A classic riding shoe, the Sidi Doha boots are extremely comfortable, while still ready for sporting riding. Anti-abrasion Cambrelle is used in the foot area, and there’s a replaceable nylon toe scuff pad. The heel cup is fully enclosed with armor, and a shifter pad keeps the rider’s left big toe happy. $160 (Motonation)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: TCX Street Ace shoe

  1. TCX Street Ace Waterproof: Quite different from a traditional textile riding shoe, the TCX Street Ace Waterproof is a leather high-top, lace-closing riding shoe. The lining is waterproof—perfect for Christmastime—and there is armor in the toe, heel, and ankle areas. $160 (TCX)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: WEEGO Jump Starter Kit

  1. Weego Jump Starter Battery+ w/ Bonus Battery Pack Holiday Bundle: Weego has put together this package for easy, and impressive, gift giving. The Heavy-Duty Jump Starter Battery+ battery is small enough to pack on bikes with at least minimal cargo capacity, and is always handy in the garage—it will start up a V8! Anyone will always want to carry the bonus phone charging battery if you use Rever or Waze. $130 (Weego)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Black & Gray

  1. Black+Gray HP-4 Hi-Per Hanger: This is really an ideal gift. Most people won’t spend $78 on a hanger, but riders with heavy leather gear will love the Black+Gray HP-4 Hi-Per hanger in their stockings. The robust hanger is powder-coated aluminum with molded plastic covers, and has three integrated clips for gloves and pants. Plus, it’s made in America. $78 (Black+Gray)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Rizoma Lights

31. Rizoma Club Indicator Lights: Most riders of any type of bike are not excited about the size of the lights on their bikes. Rizoma makes a variety of indicator lights that will clean up the look of the flashiest cruiser or the fastest sport bike. We particularly like the functional Club line from this stylish Italian brand. $72 (Rizoma)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Wizards Cool Kit

  1. Wizard Cool Kit For Motorcycles: Perfect for a motorcyclist who rides any kind of bike, from custom cruiser to superbike to dirt bike, the Wizard Cool Kit has everything you need to keep a bike looking showroom sharp. Fun bonuses include the kickstand pad, koozie, and soft cooler, but the real stars are the various bottles of cleaners—we love them. $72. (Wizard Products)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Moto-Skiveez

  1. Moto-Skiveez Undergarments: Long distance riders will definitely enjoy receiving the comfortable Moto-Skiveez undergarments. Similar to bicycling riding pants, the Moto-Skiveez secret is padding that works to enhance your seat. There are different padding patterns for sport, adventure, cruiser, and lady riders. The gift recipient may think they feel odd at first, but you’ll get a call of thanks after the first long ride. $60. (Moto-Skiveez)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: MotoGP Monopoly

  1. MotoGP Monopoly Game: We don’t have to tell you how much fun Monopoly is to play. If you have a motorcycle riding friend, the MotoGP Monopoly game mixes board gaming with motorcycling in a very familiar way. The Spanish version is shown, but it’s also available in English. $50 (MotoGP)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: RS Taichi Back Protector

  1. RS Taichi CE Back Protector: In this Christmas Gift Guide, we have mentioned many times the need to add a CE-approved back protector to motorcycle jackets. RS Taichi has an excellent line of CE Level 2 back protectors in a variety of sizes. This is an excellent gift for almost any motorcycle jacket owner, as most jackets come with a foam pad in the back that does not offer significant impact protection. Oh, and Taichi also makes excellent technical jackets of it own. $45 (RS Taichi)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Canyon Dancer Bar

  1. Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II: Almost every rider has had to transport a bike in a truck or on a trailer at some point. Make sure the motorcycle rider on your list can do this safely and securely by getting him the Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II. We’ve used it on motorcycles of all types, all the way up to full-dressers, and it gives us a great sense of security. $30 (Review)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: No Noise Ear Plugs

  1. NoNoise Motorsport Ear Plugs: Hearing is a precious gift, and protecting that sense makes for a great gift. NoNoise Motorsport earplugs are a favorite of our motorcycle commuting staff. We have collectively worn them hundreds of times, and consider them essential riding equipment. $30 (Review)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Bates Footwear

  1. Bates Footwear Care Kit: We’ve shown you plenty of boots on this Top 40 Christmas List, and Bates Footwear has an outstanding line of boots of their own. However, the Bates Footwear Care Kit is something rarely offered to motorcyclists. The kit will work on any boots, and you might want to pick up a pair of boots for that rider on your list while you’re over at the Bates Footwear site. $20 (Bates Footwear)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: BikeMatser Digital Tire Guage

  1. BikeMaster Digital Tire Gauge: This may seem like an insignificant gift for a motorcycle rider, but properly inflated tires can be the difference between a great ride and disaster. The BikeMaster Digital Tire Gauge is designed for motorcycles of all types, and makes it easy to get an accurate reading. $18 (Bike Master)

Motorcycle Gift Guide: Prolong

  1. Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine: We go through Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine at an alarming rate, not only because we ride all the time, but also because of photoshoots. It’s always right at hand in the garage for when a bike is being taken out. If there’s a bit of dust or grime hanging on, Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine and a rag makes it gone in just a few seconds. $8 (Prolong)


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