Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II Review

Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II Review | Trusty Transport
Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II

Although we were disciples of the Canyon Dancer Original Bar Harness, which uses two heavy-duty polyester cuffs on the grips to do its job, when we first saw the Bar Harness II, we were a bit skeptical.

The two plastic cups looked odd, and not especially stable for motorcycle transportation.

Well, that is why we test things – to find out if our initial impressions are right or wrong. As it turns out, the Bar Harness II has replaced the Original as our go-to motorcycle tie-down assistant.

Don’t be afraid of the cups; they secure the bars effectively, and will not move on the grips.

Some users have had grips (particularly heated grips) suffer damage from the pressure put on them by the Original. Bar Harness II eliminates that problem, along with a few other issues that have cropped up under odd circumstances or misuse.

While we never had problems with the Original, we fully recommend the Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II, and have successfully used them to safely transport $40,000 motorcycles — that’s trust.

The Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II costs around $25, and are available in three sizes: 32”, 36”, and 40”. For additional information, visit Canyon Dancer.