Held Harvey 76 Jacket Test | Vintage is Here to Stay

Held Harvey 76 Jacket Test | Vintage is Here to Stay

Held Harvey 76 Jacket Test

Held Harvey 76 Jacket Test | Vintage is Here to Stay
Held Harvey 76 Jacket

The vintage look is here to stay or, rather, it never actually went away. Held has offered up its take on classic style with the Held Harvey 76. While the design has certainly been lifted from a bygone era with its quilted shoulders and racing stripes, thankfully the quality and safety standards are contemporary.

In terms of protection, the Harvey 76 does an admirable job in the department. You will find CE-approved D3O adaptive shoulder and elbow protection, with padding in the back area. Even with that level of protection, it is not intrusive. The protection is there, without any fussiness, which is typical of the flexible D3O armor. If the Harvey 76 has one strike against it, it’s that CE-certified back protection has been made an extra option. If you have a spare back protector lying around, it may fit, as the pocket conforms to common dimensions.

Off the rack, you are met with soft cowhide that has a distressed look and a broken in feel that is rare when it comes to new gear. Fitting as if you have spent years on the road with the Harvey 76, it is instantly pliable and allows a wide range of motion. That description is always subject to your body type, but with leather as soft as this, that shouldn’t be an issue. The Harvey 76 also features some fine-tuning adjustments at the waist to personalize the fit.

Held Harvey Jacket for sale

Externally, the Harvey 76 has two zipper vents on the shoulders and two zippered exhaust vents down the back. Having spent time in temperatures ranging from the 50s to the 90s, the jacket is quite versatile, even though it lacks a removable liner and there is permanent perforation on the upper chest and arms.

The Harvey 76 allows for ample amounts of venting for warm days, as well as comfort when in chillier weather with the vents zipped shut. Now, for truly cold weather, I recommend base layers; for early mornings on mountain roads, you will do just fine.

Four external pockets and two internal pocks keep my smartphone, keys, and wallet safely tucked away. As a premium brand, Held hasn’t skimped in the zipper department, which feature stylish leather and steel pulls. The designers have chosen to use robust zippers that don’t unzip while shifting positions. That goes for your main zipper, as well as all of the venting. It is a level of quality and attention to detail that I appreciate, as someone who always manages to snap zippers.

If you are in the market for a jacket that will blend in well with the vintage crowd, fit in with the cruiser segment, and also be a great choice for your daily commute or weekend excursion, the Held Harvey 76 is a serious contender.

The Held Harvey 76 jacket goes for around $550; for additional information, visit Held USA.


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