Drayko Cargo Jeans Review | Cotton Motorcycle Pants

Drayko Cargo Jeans Review | Cotton Motorcycle Pants

Drayko Cargo Jeans Review

Drayko Cargo Jeans priceWe have tested many pairs of motorcycle jeans at Ultimate Motorcycling, with denim being the typical material of choice. The Drayko Cargo jeans are something different, featuring cotton drill, an ultra-relaxed fit, and plenty of storage space.

Another big difference in the Drayko Cargo jeans is the use of breathable Dyneema—self-described as The World’s Strongest Fibre—for abrasion protection, rather than the more familiar Kevlar.

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Keep in mind that the Drayko Cargo jeans are definitely an urban riding pant, rather than something for high speed riding. Most notably, there is no impact protection, so all you’re getting is skin-protecting Dyneema.

Drayko has two interior pockets, likely for CE knee protection, but they’re very large and Drayko doesn’t offer optional armor for the pants. Like a helmet, consider the Drayko Cargo jeans to be good for one fall, as the cotton will fray even as the Dyneema saves your skin.

Once you accept that limitation, the Drayko Cargo jeans are excellent. The fit is definitely unusual, with a high waist mated to very loose and long legs. Working in concert with the ultra-soft and pliable cotton drill and plush Dyneema lining, these are about the most comfortable riding jeans you’re ever going to wear.

The zipper is metal, and the button on the top of beefy, wide belt loops should accommodate anything this side of the WWE.

All six pockets—thigh, hip, rear—are cavernous on the Drayko Cargo. The largest pockets, naturally, are the thigh cargo pockets. It’s convenient and comfortable to keep your phone and wallet in the thigh cargo pockets, and they are the only pockets with a flap closure.

The only downside is that the Velcro closure doesn’t run all the way across the flap, so when your legs are in riding position, air flows into the gap and tries to force the flap open. I never had it open all the way, but it was close—the Velcro should be the full width of the flap.

I rode with house keys in the thigh pocket, without a problem, but consider the rear pockets to be for walking only—even then, the rear pockets are fairly loose, so I wouldn’t put anything critical in them.

When it comes to walking, you might not like the overly long pants, especially if you’re under six-feet tall. While the Drayko Cargo jeans range from 30 to 44 inches in the waist, all sizes of the pants have a 34-inch inseam. Fortunately, they are cotton and a tailor can easily shorten them to taste, as needed.

Unless you’re meticulous about lint and things like pet hair, the black version of the Drayko Cargo jeans are tough to keep perfectly clean. The khaki version is much more forgiving.

The Drayko Cargo jeans are definitely most appealing to a certain kind of buyer—a taller urban motorcycle rider with an affinity toward stylishly loose jeans, as well as interested in functional abrasion protection should his bike go down on a city street.

Drayko Cargo Jeans Fast Facts:

  • Sizes: Waist, 30-44 (even only); Length, 34 (all sizes)
  • Colors: Black; Khaki
  • Drayko Cargo Jeans Price: $180 MSRP

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