Suomy SR Sport Motorcycle Helmet Review | Max Ventilation & Comfort

Suomy SR Sport Motorcycle Helmet Review
Suomy SR Sport

Suomy SR Sport Review

Suomy SR Sport Motorcycle Helmet Review
Suomy SR Sport

Throughout my riding career that spans over 25 years, from dirt to street I’ve worn many helmets. Working within the industry for the past decade has allowed me to wear more lids than most.

However, not many have satisfied, including earlier versions of Suomy helmets (roughly pronounced “sue-oh-me”). I had tested the Max Biaggi Extreme back in 2011, but it only provided comfort at track speeds—not so much on the street, where most of us do a bulk of our riding.

Upon hearing about the revised Suomy SR Sport helmet, I wanted to give the brand another try. Plus, one of my favorite racers is Andrea Dovizioso. The Italian, currently competing with the Ducati Team, is the only rider in 2016 MotoGP that donned a Suomy lid.

The new Suomy SR Sport offers pure comfort for my in-between long-and-medium oval shaped head (think Arai RX-Q), and ventilation like no other. Up front, the other benefits include a comfortable liner, a very light weight just under 3 pounds, 2 ounces, and a field of vision when at full tuck like no other.

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The Suomy SR Sport provides excellent airflow. The channels suck in air from the single front top vent, which easily opens with even the bulkiest of motorcycle gloves. It then exits out the always-open back vent that runs the entire length of the diffuser. In extremely hot temperatures, the helmet’s airflow provides great cooling, and I’ve only felt coldness under the 55-degree mark. In hotter temps, the design also kept my entire head the same temperature, unlike some competitors that provoke annoying sweating on the top of the neck or forehead.

The airflow is due to the channels within the dual-density EPS liner. Though channeled, the foam liner within the Kevlar and carbon fiber outer shell doesn’t skimp on safety. The SR Sport is certified for DOT and EC22.05—though not Snell—standards, so it can be worn on any racetrack worldwide.

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Suomy SR Sport Motorcycle Helmet Test

The other feature that assists for coolness in extremely hot temperatures is the Coolmax Active fabric with Interpower weaving, which wicks away sweat and is completely breathable.

Visualization when in full tuck—my number-one qualm of most other helmets—is outstanding. The eyeport is a full 2mm higher than the SR Sport’s mid-tier street brother, the Apex, and allows for visualization comparable to one of my favorite track lids, the AGV Corsa, at full tuck. The Suomy SR Sport also has a wider view than most helmets.

Another thing that presents a challenge for me is popping contacts at full tuck at over 150 mph on my Ducati 1198. I’ve lost the left one for some reason while wearing other helmets, but not on with the SR Sport. This is likely due to the removable chin curtain—I leave it in—that keeps air flowing away from the eyes at speed.

All Suomy faceshields are fog- and scratch-resistant, and both claims presented no issues. I’ve participated in a few early-morning track days where fog was present, and moisture-filled rides high in the mountains of southern France, and never had an issue with fogging on either my clear or smoked shield. As for scratch resistance, I’ve never dropped anything on it, but the small microfiber cloth I carry never left a mark on the shield.

The faceshield is the same as the one on the street-savvy Suomy Vandal. Changes are now much easier than previous Suomy race lids. The outer mechanisms on each side of the faceshield only needing a flip of a latch and quarter turn of the quarter-sized screw to release and reinstall. Just remember that they are marked right or left, or you’ll be struggling.

From my experience with noisy Suomy Max Biaggi Extreme, I was initially skeptical about loudness. Fortunately, the plush interior of the Suomy SR Sport and its chin curtain definitely aid in a much quieter helmet.

I usually wear earplugs, especially while on extended rides, but while testing the new Ducati Monster 1200 S throughout France, I decided to not wear the plugs at all. I didn’t have an issue once all day as the Testastretta 11° motor sang Italian arias throughout the day.

Suomy SR Sport Motorcycle Helmet weight
Suomy SR Sport

Wind noise was minimal at speeds, and only came through the bottom of the helmet—no noises or wind leaks through around the faceshield. Another unique feature is the Suomy D-Ring chinstrap closure, which allows for easy snapping and unsnapping with gloves on.

As for fit, I was told to go a size larger because nearly everything runs a size smaller in Europe. However, my normal Medium size was spot on for the Suomy SR Sport.

All together, I have thousands of miles on the Suomy SR Sport in track, spirited sport rides, and touring situations, and never once felt the need for anything else. The Suomy does work much better in warmer temps—say 55 and above—which suits most riders.

Suomy has had a variety of American importers over the years, so its availability and distribution has been inconsistent. Suomy Motosport America is hoping to fix that problem, along with providing top-tier helmets.

Suomy SR Sport Helmet Fast Facts:

  • Sizes: XS (53/54) to XXL (63/64)
  • Colors: 12 graphic treatments (including three Dovi and one Biaggi); Black; Matte Black; White
  • Warranty: 2 years from time of purchase
  • Suomy SR Sport Helmet Price: $500, solids; $550, graphics

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