Dakar Icon Simon Pavey Leads Australian Moto Tour

Dakar Icon Simon Pavey Leads Australian Moto Tour
Simon Pavey

Simon Pavey Leads Savannah Way Compass Expeditions  Tour

Dakar Icon Simon Pavey Leads Australian Moto Tour
Simon Pavey

There’s no doubting the talent of Simon Pavey; the 48-year-old has competed in the Dakar Rally 10 times and trained known adventurers like Charlie Boorman.

Simon Pavey is now set to lead a Compass Expedition tour in his home country of Australia – the Savannah Way tour, which takes riders along the northern edge of the continent from the Coral Sea to the Indian Ocean.

The 21-day trip adventure-motorcycle tour includes some of the finest off-road routes in Australia, with ventures through four world heritage areas. Pavey and his Off Road Skills team will lead the Compass Expeditions – part of the BikeRoundOz Group – on the debut Savannah Way tour beginning August 1, 2016; the tour departs from Cairns.

After an outstanding research trip with Simon riding his 2009 Dakar BMW X-Challenge from Cairns to Broome, Compass Expeditions, part of the BikeRoundOz Group, are very excited to announce the inaugural Savannah Way tour departing Cairns August 1st 2016.

“This is an incredible ride that needs to be shouted from the mountaintops,” says Pavey, who researched the trip aboard his 2009 Dakar BMW X-Challenge. “this certainly isn’t a wide open flat dirt track tour of Australia,” continues Simon.

Supporting Simon on the research trip was Compass Expeditions co-founder Mick McDonald: “I cant believe some of the tracks Simon has found, not super technical or enduro, but unused and some through private cattle stations and some we made ourselves. We do a lot of rides around the world but this is going to be one out of the box.”

Accommodation is a mix of camping and some of the best hotels available at stunning locations. Riding is incredible with each day having a “Special” section in it. A Qualified chef will accompany the group preparing superb lunches and dinners when camping while Simon will lead the ride on his BMW X-Challenge that he raced in the 2009 Dakar, one of 10 Dakar’s Simon has raced in, Compass Expeditions reports. Simon has been riding these routes for 30 years.

“We have truly found some incredible riding through some beautiful and very remote regions of Australia. This can only be done by very thorough research and navigational skills something that is paramount when competing in the Dakar, McDonald says.

Bike Transport to Cairns and from Broome has been arranged, for those wishing to bring their own bikes, for a one off flat fee no matter where you live in Australia, (except Tasmania), our Tassie clients will need to get their bikes to Melbourne where Compass shall take care of the rest, Compass Expeditions says.

For additional information, visit Compass Expeditions Savannah Tour. For additional information on the Savanna Way ride, visit www.compassexpeditions.com, or www.bikeroundoz.com or email info@compassexpeditions.com or call 1300 887 327.


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