Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles Test

Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles | Motocross, Supercross, and Off-Road Review

The new Oakley Airbrake MX goggles have been designed to set a new standard for vision and protection in the motocross world. Many of the new features include Oakley Plutonite lenses, Oakley Switchlock technology, and the new Oakley O Matter. These refinements make for a game-changing goggle that pushes performance and safety to the next level.

“Not since the early days of motocross has a single goggle design brought so much innovation,” Oakley CEO Colin Baden tells us. “Our goal was to invent a goggle that would make riders invincible, and make ordinary goggles obsolete. Armed with all the benefits of decades of Oakley R&D, Airbrake MX is a true game-changer. Every other goggle is now competing for second place.”

On the track, the Oakley Airbrake MX’s performance is unmatched by any other goggle I have tested. I was amazed while riding around the first few laps, as I had never ridden with goggles that offer a lens so much clarity. It felt like I was riding around in high definition!

The Airbrake MX is composed of durable, yet lightweight O Matter that allows the rigid outer frame to hold the lens securely without bending, which can cause the rider’s vision to be distorted. The Oakley Plutonite lenses are injection-molded under extreme pressure to create an optically consistent lens. This results in increased precision and clarity for the rider and in turn, increased safety and better performance on the track.

Peripheral vision is also increased dramatically, which is critical when next to another rider in a corner or in the air over a jump. The strength of the Oakley Airbrake MX was never a factor as multiple dirt clods and rocks did nothing to faze the lens of this revolutionary goggle.

The new lens is complemented by an inner faceplate that conforms to your face for additional added comfort. Oakley’s Switchlock Technology makes the process of lens changing quick and easy, allowing the rider to swap lenses for changing light conditions without the hassle that a general lens provides. Six lens options are available.

In addition to the increased safety, performance, and comfort, the Airbrake MX goggle is designed to be completely rebuilt. This means that the rider has the ability to replace and swap out items such as tear offs, roll offs, straps, and faceplates. This makes for a goggle that can be put through more abuse, and used longer, before requiring replacement, which is a nice option at a retail price starting at $160 ($200 with the Race-Ready Roll-Off System, which we did not test).

The Oakley Airbrake MX goggles are unquestionably the best off-road goggles I have ever tested. “In pro racing, concentration demands confidence, and riders get it by knowing Oakley goggles are engineered with industry-leading protection,” according to Baden. “And when it comes to protection, Airbrake MX is the ultimate.” A bold statement, yet the crystal clear clarity, increased peripheral vision, and the strength of the lens make the Oakley Airbrake MX the most technologically advanced and sought-after goggles on the market.

Action photography by Don Williams