Zero Motorcycles: ‘Going Electric’ PDF

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Electric Motorcycle Analysis

One of the top electric-motorcycle manufacturers, Zero Motorcycles, wants the world to know about the evolution of electric bikes.

And to help educate, Zero has released “Going Electric,” a free digital pamphlet via PDF that gives an in-depth look at the “continually evolving world of electric motorcycles.”

“Going Electric will provide readers with most current data and information collected by Zero as the company progresses with its products. Zero says with interest in electric motorcycles continuing to grow, “Going Electric” delivers to the general public, media, motorcycle dealers and business partners the most accurate information available on electric battery range, industry terminology, cost of ownership and the overall electric motorcycle experience.

Scot Harden (Vice President of Global Marketing for Zero Motorcycles) says: “Developing an educational document like ‘Going Electric’ represents our best efforts to capture years of industry data and our own personal experience and to process it in a way that works to provide a more factual and positive understanding about electric motorcycles, while also working to dispel some misconceptions as they currently exist.”

Zero says although electric motorcycles have been around for less than a decade, the technology is growing at a much faster rate than any other category in the motorcycle industry. With each year that passes, battery range continues to increase at a steady pace. Performance of electric motorcycles is now on par with many gas motorcycles and in the next few years will either meet and/or exceed some gas powered motorcycles.

“Going Electric” Highlights:

  • Recharging the Motorcycle Riding Experience
  • The Ownership Advantage
  • Range and the Real World
  • Simulated Range Tests (Dynamometer)
  • Real World Range – Understanding the Numbers
  • Energy Conservation Riding
  • Riding in the City
  • Mostly Highway Riding
  • Electric Motorcycle Fuel Economy
  • Commonly Used Terms

To download a PDF of “Going Electric,” click here.