Oakley Wind Jacket Eyewear | Quickshift Review

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UltimateMotorCycling QuickShift Review

Highly adaptable, Oakley Wind Jacket eyewear is a favorite when riding, as well as driving, day or night.

The Oakleys feature an easily removable and replaceable snap-in gasket for riding with an open face helmet. It does a superb job of keeping the windblast out of your eyes, even at highway speeds. When wearing a full-face helmet or driving, the gasket can be removed.

The next level of adaptability is the easily switched in-and-out impact- resistant XYZ Optics. Dark lenses (shown) are standard, and in seconds you can replace them with 100-percent UV-filtering Plutonite clear lenses.

A stylish hard case is included to protect the Wind Jacket eyewear, as well as carry the extra pair of lens.

Shown are the Ducati-licensed Oakley Wind Jacket glasses, which includes a Ducati-branded soft lens pocket; a matte-black version is also available. The eyewear is made in America.

For additional information, log onto Oakley.com.