Spidi Carbo Track Motorcycle Glove | Preview

Spidi Carbo Track Motorcycle Gloves

Spidi’s new full-gauntlet glove, the Carbo Track, an evolution of Carbo 3 featuring “Warrior Technology,” will be in stores April 23.

Built for the racetrack and the street, the Spidi Carbo Track motorcycle glove is highlighted by the revolutionary shield applied on the outside of the gloves. The shield has reduced thickness, better shock absorption with 45 percent more flexibilty, comfortable ergonomics, and is very resistant to abrasion.

The shield features “Warrior Technology” to protect the wrist, the ulna head, the palm side and the little finger.

Pietro Zanetti (Spidi’s Safety Lab R&D) says: “The Warrior technology modifies the material’s geometries, opposing the impact with a 35-percent improvement, compared to a flat surface. The back protector certification tests are more strict for the KERBSTONE use (swing test step shaped). The mission is to protect every part of the body as it was the most important.”

Compared to the previous Spidi models, the Carbon knuckles protector and the Shock Absorber were decentralized in a forward position to improve the security and the comfort.

The Spidi Carbo Track gloves are made with an 0.8mm full grain cowhide leather with inserts in synthetic materials to increase the glove performance, flex zones, sleeve double closure, double layer leather and an anti-undermining strap.

Spidi Carbo Track Motorcycle Glove:

  • Sizes: M – 3XL
  • Colors: Black/Red, Black/White, Black
  • Price: $262 (€199.90)

For additional information, visit spidi.com.


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