AlterEgo: V-Spring Custom Motorcycles

Custom Motorcycles

Based in Rome, AlterEgo motorcycles are a natural extension of your inner self. They are your ally, your champion and your pinch hitter – a true kindred spirit.

Even the first prototypes were designed as a special series because the company is structured like an industry while retaining the elasticity and flexibility of an artisan enterprise.

Marketing parameters tend to limit design creativity and that is why AlterEgo strives to produce motorcycles that truly respond to the needs of mature and knowledgeable consumers. If you are a looking for a bona fide ally and a genuine expression of your innermost desires then you are looking for an AlterEgo.

The AlterEgo team endeavors to provide outstanding performance with technically innovative designs that are developed with artisan skill which frees AlterEgo products from the restrictions imposed by mass production.

With a solid and reliable Suzuki V-Strom 650 motor and frame, AlterEgo has developed a motorcycle with four characteristics that make it one-of-a-kind: it is lightweight with outstanding drivability, well-balanced performance and spirit.

At AlterEgo, the staff believes in furthering sustainable sportsmanship and overall comfort while always striving for “The Power of Balance”

The AlterEgo V-Spring is available in three ways: GT, Sport and Sport-Touring. However, this is much more than a new aesthetic twist on existing models. As Cocò Chanel once said, “Elegance is much more than simply wearing a new outfit,” and, if we look more closely at the V-Spring, we find an incredible look as well as outstanding technical innovations that really improve standard two cylinder models.

At AlterEgo the shape of the frame is a style choice because customers can custom order their AlterEgo – just like prestigious Italian manufacturers offered in the past.

The front suspension uses the MSF Mono Spring Fork, which was developed and patented by AlterEgo in Rome, Italy. The mono spring is mounted externally between the fork tubes. The look is one of a kind: you’ll never confuse a V-Spring 650 with other motorcycles.

The Sport and Sport Touring models mount elegant rims with spokes and a tubeless tire with a single-disk brake with a radial caliper. The GT model uses a classic three hollow-spoke wheel with double disc brakes and twin piston floating calipers.

For touring models, AlterEgo has developed a truly comfortable driver’s seat with a molded shape that provides real comfort for long hauls. The shape makes it easy to set your feet on the ground, but the height can also be customized to meet your needs.

The classic look of some of the models is yet another added extra for classic motorcycle enthusiasts.

AlterEgo has developed the perfect blend of innovative technology, great design and a classic look with the support of Oberdan Bezzi, one of Italy’s best designers. If you are looking for a motorcycle that is well made and can be used in all driving conditions, an AlterEgo is truly outstanding.


The central focus of AlterEgo design is to further develop and enhance your motorcycle’s performance. Frequently, a motorcyclist’s exuberance is restricted by limitations that are caused by the frame.

It is easy to spot one of the most important innovations in AlterEgo motorcycles. The MSF fork grabs your attention and immediately provokes interest.

The design and development was coordinated entirely by AlterEgo with the technical support of FG Gubellini in Bologna, Italy, which is a leader in road and competition grade suspension. Stated simply, AlterEgo’s patented innovation eliminates the need for springs inside the fork legs leaving them only to regulate the hydraulics as they compress and extend.

Between the two fork legs right above the wheel and below the steering column there is a single adjustable spring in the preload. This provides a number of technical advantages including better drivability, less weight and easier maintenance.

In the technical documentation on the MSF fork this is looked at much more extensively.

A lot of work was done to reduce the overall mass and the weight was decreased by 25 kilos which reduces inertia in changes of direction since 85% of the mass that was removed was taken off of the vertical axis of the wheels, which is far from the balanced centre of the motorcycle.

The structure and the shape of the Suzuki frame are unchanged with a classic structure and a double wheel axle in aluminum.

The motor

All AlterEgo projects share a common trait: they were developed pragmatically during each stage of development. This is why the technicians at the Roman factory worked with incredibly reliable builders and chose the 90-degree V-two-cylinder Suzuki with 650 ccs: a well known and well tested motorcycle with performance at the top of its range and a maximum power of 66 horsepower @ 8800 rpm and a torque of 48 ft. lbs. of torque @ 6400 rpm.

AlterEgo uses the complete Suzuki motor group including the throttle bodies, the fuel injection system and the air box. The discharge system is completely substituted with an Arrow unit in the 2-in-1 configuration with a catalytic converter.

Accessories and Customization

AlterEgo has developed a wide range of custom modifications to choose from. Let your imagination run wild and count on the fact that AlterEgo will never let you down.


  • Rearset footrests
  • Handle bar risers (lowering links/risers)


  • Large windshield
  • Hand guards
  • GIVI Monolock Top cases (tutta)
  • Sidebags, saddlebags and computer cases
  • Central kickstand
  • Leg guards
  • Exhaust heat shields


  • FG Gubellini rear shock absorber
  • Automatic clutch
  • Customized exhaust heat shields


  • Special paint finishes
  • Seat upholstery
  • LED turn signals
  • Heated steering wheel

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