Ride Out of the Recession with Suzuki

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Suzuki offers zero-percent financing on all motorcycles for 60 months

Had enough depression? Ready to bounce back and blow away some cobwebs? Fancy a new motorcycle? Well here is an offer through March 31, 2012, that will be difficult to refuse: Suzuki has just announced an industry-first ZERO percent financing for 60 months (five years) on EVERY new Suzuki Motorcycle, ATV and Scooter, regardless of model year.

Just to be clear: That is interest-free credit on any new Suzuki motorcycle of your choice. Essentially Suzuki is giving you permission to ride away on one of their bikes-and they’ll give you five years to pay for it without it costing you one dollar extra.

But the really significant thing that will probably be of most interest, is that you don’t need a gold-plated credit rating to qualify. This offer applies to all regular tiers of credit rating, not just the very top. So if your credit is okay, but not necessarily stellar (and whose is these days?) you will still likely qualify.

As if that’s not incentive enough, Suzuki have also announced that they will finance up to 120% of the bike’s value, so you can not only ride away on the bike of your dreams, but you can also outfit yourself with that top-of-the-line Arai helmet you’ve always wanted and a jacket or race suit as well.

But wait – there’s more! (clichéd, but true). Suzuki are also concurrently running a 2011 model year clearance event and are offering up to $1,000 cash back on select models.

If you’re interested in some training – and even experienced riders can do with a refresher if you haven’t swung a leg over for a while – then Suzuki also have an incentive to help you take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Course.

Upon completion, and along with the purchase of a new Suzuki Street, Scooter, or DualSport Motorcycle, Suzuki will reward you with a check for $100 (one reward per person). Training can occur up to six months before or six months after purchase of a new Suzuki Scooter, Street or DualSport Motorcycle and still qualify.

Clearly Suzuki has decided to kick-start motorcycle sales in 2012, and I for one am very happy to hear it. Optimism seems to be returning slowly to this country and what better way to start this new riding season than on a brand new motorcycle of your dreams. Now that’s what I call a recovery.


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