C 63 AMG / Ducati 848EVO Shoot (Video)

2012-c-63-amg-ducati-848evo-shoot-video (1)

Ducati 848 EVO / AMG Video

Take a 2012 Ducati 848 EVO and a Mercedes C 63 AMG, both white in color, and place them next to each other.

Could there possibly be a more gorgeous scenery? Of course there can, if you a add a beautiful woman, especially one donning some motorcycle racing leathers.

And this is exactly what Mercedes did when shooting its latest photos for the C 63 AMG. The company, which has combined forces with Ducati on projects such as the special-edition AMG Diavel, placed the car on an airport runway, and let some professional cameramen go wild.

And from the looks of the attached video above, they had much fun during the shot.

Ducati fans, enjoy!


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