Stage 12 Highlights: 2012 Dakar (Video)

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2012 Dakar Rally Video

Following his Stage 12 win on Friday, Marc Coma regained the overall lead in the 2012 Dakar Rally.

Following the win at Stage 12, which took the riders 319 miles from Arequipa to Nasca along the Pacific Coast in Peru, with 152 miles timed, Coma now leads his rival/teammate Cyril Despres by 1:35 with only two days of competition remaining.

Marc Coma (MRW Red Bull AMV KTM 450 Rally) says: "I set off four minutes after Cyril and I managed to catch up with him. For the entire first part of the special I mainly focused on navigation, because there was absolutely no room for mistakes.

"After that, I knew that there would be good opportunities to attack in the second part and that's where I managed to regain ground on Cyril. It's no way near over, because there's another big stage tomorrow."

As for results of Stage 12, Coma beat out Speedbrain Husqvarna's Barreda Bort by 2:43, and fellow KTM rider Jordi Viladoms by 3:10.


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