2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 R | Intro Video

2012 Kawasaki Motorcycle

Besides the all-new ZX-14R, Kawasaki has also totally revamped another one of its popular sportbikes for 2012 – the Ninja 650R.

For 2012, Kawasaki revamped the mid-weight 650R, which remained relatively unchanged since its debut back in 2006.

The new 650 R Ninja features a "new perimeter-style frame, revised suspension, more angular bodywork, new instrumentation, improved engine performance, a more comfortable saddle, lower seat height and much more."

The 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650R is powered by a 649cc vertical twin with double-overhead camshafts and smooth-running fuel injection. The motor was designed for mid-range power for everyday riding, and allows the 650R to get around 50 mpg.

Kawasaki replaced the Ninja 650 R’s trellis frame with a twin-pipe perimeter frame that increases rigidity, while also revamping the suspensions with a 41mm fork and single lay-down shock out back.

The Ninja 650R also received some upgrades in the braking department, more comfortable ergonomics and restyled fairings for a bolder look.

And the best part? The 2012 Kawasaki 650R is offered under $7,500. Attached above is an video introduction for the Ninja 650 R; for a preview, click here.


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