Motorcycle Myths Busted on Mythbusters


2011 Mythbusters

Which is greener, a motorcycle or a car? There are obviously many variables, but it’s been a question of debate for some time now.

But Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage want to figure out this environmentally-friendly question, and will test three cars against three motorcycles during Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters at p.m. (EDT) tonight, Sept. 28.

During the show, the Mythbusters crew will test this greener question by battling a car and motorcycle each from three decades: 2000s, 1990s and 1980s. With some experts, Hyneman and Savage will measure the pollutants of each machine, such as Carbon Monoxide, and reveal which is really greener.

During the Wednesday’s show, Mythbusters will also build a bubble bike, seeing if less wind drag improves fuel efficiency; a video preview is attached above.