Superbike Concepts by Sak_Art Design

Superbike Concepts

Sak_Art Design Consulting Studio is one of those establishments that a hardcore superbike gearhead dreams about working at. Based in Cascina, Italy (naturally) Sak_Art dreams up stylish concepts to be implemented into motorcycle manufacturing.

The studio is devoted to the styling, aerodynamics, and functionality demanded by superbike design and their creations are intended to move racing engineering forward. Thus far they seem to be invested purely in paper with no real motorcycles rolling out of their workshop as of yet.

The studio’s latest concept is the SHAKTI (which translates roughly to; sacred force or empowerment). The Shakti is a superbike concept that Sak_Art desires to use as their calling card in the motorcycle design world.

They are hoping their concept will be embraced by a major motorcycle manufacturer with the idea of transforming the machine into reality and getting it onto a track.

The Shakti starts with an in-line three-cylinder 1000cc powerplant-which would make it unique in the class. Sak_Art wraps the engine with a carbon "ribbon" which is their styling brand, so to speak.

The design cues are intended to carry through from the tail section (with its distinctive three exhaust tips), through the middle, and into the beak nose of the fairing and bodywork. At the front is an air induct that accentuates a diamond headlight.

Sak_Art claims to take its design cues from the MotoGP bikes in the Yamaha and Ducati garages, providing a full "Corsa" World Superbike version with racing livery, modified seat, suspension, wheels and full carbon fiber bodywork.

It’s anybody’s guess what kind of traction Sak_Art will attain, but it’s fun to see some creative drawings and PhotoShop renderings of their various dream machines, especially the "Legends Editions."

These custom liveries are the "Freddie," inspired by Freddie Spencer’s 1983 Honda NS 500. The "Kenny," which pays tribute to King Kenny Roberts’ 1978 Yamaha YZR 500 OW 35. And finally, the "Barry," honoring the great Barry Sheene and his famous number 7, 1978 Suzuki RG 500.

Despite the relative long shot a company has in entering the demanding, take no prisoners environs of racing (especially from a design perspective) it’s always refreshing to see that the spirit of Don Quixote is alive and well, inspiring others to tilt at windmills.

We’ll keep you updated on Sak_Art and their progress in bringing these unusual design concepts to fruition.


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