2011 Suzuki GSR750 | Euro Preview

European Motorcycle

Enter the 2011 Suzuki GSR750. A blend of the modern and the futuristic all rolled into a motorcycle. With a powerful 749cc four-cylinder fuel-injected engine, this motorcycle is a cool fusion of technology, performance and style. An all-around motorcycle built for fun and excitement.

The GSR750 is an entertaining naked bike meant for confident and experienced riders. Motorcyclists who appreciate a dynamic ride, with strong acceleration and sporty handling will consider this bike.

Strong lines start at the front and move up and back. Including a carefully sculpted, vented front fender. A modern, vented headlight shell and integrated instrument cluster.

Inverted front forks, a design developed in racing and mandatory for a serious, high-performance machine. Molded rearview mirrors. Light and open radiator side panels combined with aggressive front bodywork sidepieces form the design.

A chiseled 17.5-liter fuel tank, and contrasting, textured tank side panels. A well-shaped seat, frame side covers and an angular tailsection with integrated LED taillight.

Even the compact turn signals complement the GSR750 design theme, with carefully shaped lenses that look more like custom pieces than standard parts.

Above all, this is a motorcycle, with the engine out in the open to for all to see: The Suzuki exhaust system is on display as well, culminating in a distinctive triangle-shaped muffler with a form-fitting, brushed-stainless steel heat shield.

This is a piece of modern technological artwork; a machine to enjoy and admire even when the ride is over and the Suzuki GSR750 is at last stationary.

The new Suzuki GSR750 is ready for a weekend ride, or a weekday commute. It starts with a sport riding position, created by a carefully crafted relationship between the handlebars, footrests and seat.

It continues with effective suspension, designed to progressively react to small ripples as well as larger bumps in the road.

Combined with a powerful Suzuki 749cc engine tuned to deliver a dynamic wave of smooth torque and strong acceleration. With ultimate throttle response all the way from low-rpm through mid-rpm to maximum engine speed..

And thanks to advanced combustion efficiency and effective, non-intrusive control systems, the GSR750 is an exceptionally efficient four-cylinder

750-class motorcycle. Making it easier to enjoy the power and acceleration.

Each component has been carefully designed to not only work well but also add to the GSR750’s unique, mechanical style.

A prominent analog tachometer on the left features an easier to read traditional needle pointing to a numbered scale on a round face.

To the right of the tachometer is a back-lit, brightness-adjustable LCD display featuring a large, digital speedometer readout; a gear-position indicator; a coolant temperature gauge; a fuel gauge; a clock; and a selectable odometer/dual-tripmeter.

LCD indicator lights built into the silver-accented cluster include a neutral indicator; turn signal light indicators; high-beam indicator; and indicators for oil pressure, Fuel Injection (FI), *Antilock Brake System (ABS) and immobilizer.*ABS version only

The engineers began with the compact and lightweight, race-proven GSX-R750 engine design, and modified it to maximize smooth throttle response and immediate, controlled acceleration upon demand, with minimal emissions.

In technical terms, the engine is a liquid-cooled, four-cylinder DOHC four-stroke with a bore and stroke of 72 mm x 46 mm and four valves per cylinder.

The valves are set at a very narrow included angle, allowing the combustion chamber to be very compact, with the intake valves each measuring 27.2 mm in diameter and the exhaust valves measuring 22 mm in diameter.

The compression ratio is 12.3:1, with lightweight cast aluminum-alloy pistons. Those details improve combustion efficiency, and more complete combustion is the key to better low-rpm and mid-range response, acceleration and fuel mileage, as well as reduced emissions.

The engine powers an integrated close-ratio six-speed transmission.

A set of Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) throttle bodies are used, each cylinder served by two butterfly valves, the primary valve linked directly by cable (because a cable provides a more positive, instantaneous connection between the rider and the machine) to the handlebar twist grip operated by the rider and a secondary valve controlled by the engine management computer.

The digital system monitors engine rpm, primary throttle valve position (or how much throttle the rider has selected) and gear position, then opens or closes the secondary valves as needed to maintain the ideal intake air velocity needed to pack the most fuel/air mixture into the cylinder and to burn that explosive mixture as completely as possible. Each cylinder is fed by a separate fine-atomization, 8-hole fuel injector.

An automatic Idle Speed Control (ISC) system improves cold starting and produces a stable idle while also reducing emissions immediately after a cold engine is started.

The latest transistorized digital ignition system contributes by igniting the mixture in each cylinder at the precise instant needed to produce the most complete combustion, firing advanced Iridium alloy spark plugs.

The rare Iridium alloy makes it possible to use a very fine electrode, which provides a more condensed and hotter spark yet lasts much longer than larger electrodes made of more conventional metals.

The engine management computer also operates Suzuki’s built-in Pulsed-AIR (PAIR) injection system, which injects fresh air from the air cleaner box through a system of valves into the individual exhaust ports, reacting with any unburned hydrocarbons and reducing carbon monoxide emissions.

The GSR750 exhaust system mid-pipe carries an oxygen sensor to allow the computer to monitor the exhaust gases and adjust the fuel injection as needed to minimize emissions by maximizing combustion efficiency.

A Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) servo-controlled butterfly valve positioned in the mid-pipe helps maximize torque, response and acceleration especially at low-to-mid rpm and across varying running conditions, by optimizing exhaust system back pressure based on engine rpm, throttle position and gear position. A catalytic converter (or catalyst) is also incorporated into the exhaust system.

Working together, the control systems reduce hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions and allow the GSR750 to beat the toughest European emission standards.

A unique chassis incorporates the best qualities of a compact tubular girder streetbike frame and a twin-spar sportbike frame, and is built using a combination of D-section and round-section steel tubes for an especially smooth ride.

The black frame is slim and narrow in the mid-section (where the seat meets the fuel tank), making it more comfortable for the rider to put a foot down while at a stop sign.

Inverted KYB front forks feature 41 mm stanchion tubes and gold-color anodized upper tubes and allow spring preload to be externally adjusted.

A black, rectangular-section steel swingarm is fitted with a KYB single rear shock absorber working through a progressive linkage. The linkage increases damping resistance as wheel travel increases, matching suspension response to the size of road imperfections.

A small bump requires less wheel travel and produces lighter damping response, while a larger bump requires more wheel travel and produces effectively stiffer damping response. Shock absorber spring preload is adjustable with a choice of seven positions.

Controls are mounted on traditional tubular handlebars mounted on the upper fork triple clamps, and the distance between the front brake lever and the handlebar can be easily adjusted to the rider’s choice of five positions.

The rider’s rubber-padded aluminum footrests are positioned on lightweight aluminum plates mounted on each side of the frame. The knurled-aluminum passenger footrests are attached to aluminum mounts bolted to the frame tailsection; hooks built into the passenger footrest mounts make it easier to secure a small bag or parcel to the rear seat.

A compartment underneath the removable passenger seat can carry a U-shaped lock or can be used to store small items, such as a spare pair of gloves or a pair of sunglasses. A convenient grab strap is positioned across the front of the passenger seat.

The GSR750 features lightweight three-spoke cast aluminum wheels. The front wheel carries two 310 mm fully-floating brake discs, with Tokico hydraulic dual-piston calipers. The rear wheel is fitted with a single 240 mm brake disc and a Nissin single-piston caliper.

An optional Antilock Brake System (ABS) will be available, with a new, more compact control unit.