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Shoei has been designing and building motorcycle helmets for fifty years, making huge advancements in their product’s evolution by listening to professional MotoGP and Superbike racers competing on the world stage.

The result of this extensive development is the new Shoei X-12, their premiere, top of the line, full-face road racing helmet.

Shoei offers the X-12 in five separate shells, from XS to XXL, ensuring motorcycle riders can find a match best suited to individual head shape.

To help refine fit and feel, Shoei’s cheek pads come in a range of thicknesses to allow a rider to achieve the desired tension and pressure of the padding.

These ranges of features for sizing and fit are there to provide comfort, which allows a motorcyclist to better concentrate on riding.

Aside from the shell and padding the next most important aspect of a Shoei motorcycle helmet in terms of comfort and safety is venting.

The Shoei X-12’s venting system was developed in the wind tunnel, resulting in five intake vents and ten exhaust ports that are designed to efficiently draw cooling, fresh air through the helmet with minimal noise and vibration.

The X-12’s side extractor vents were developed by Shoei’s MotoGP division and accentuate the extraction of hot, humid air from around the rider’s head.

A final innovation born out of the wind tunnel was the aerodynamic rear spoiler designed to reduce lift and wind drag at high speed while adding stability.

The X-12 has an increased eye port area to increase peripheral vision and the slightly taller face shield is mounted via the quick release, self-adjusting base plate for tight seal to help reduce noise and fogging.

Shoei has equipped the X-12 with their industry-leading safety technology in the form of their E.Q.R.S.(Emergency Quick Release System), which allows emergency personnel to remove the cheek pads to make helmet removal safer and less traumatic in the event of a motorcycle crash.

Current professional motorcycle road racers wearing Shoei include Chris Vermeulen, Thomas Lüthi, Roberto Locatelli, Tony Elias, Julian Simon, Mika Kallio, Ben Bostrom, Tommy Aquino, Jake Zemke, Larry Pegram and Joey Pascarella.

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