Czech Trials GP: Toni Bou Honda Report

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Trial Motorcycles

Toni Bou finished third in the trial that ended the 2010 Trial World Championship in Kramolin, Czech Republic, today, an event that the Repsol Montesa Honda team rider left decided in the previous event.

His teammate, Takahisa Fujinami, finished today’s trial fifth, taking third place in the Championship.

Bou dominated the first round through the selective zones of the trial held in Kramolin, being penalised just one point. However, a fiasco in the second round left him with 13 points at the end, finishing behind Adam Raga and Albert Cabestany.

Repsol rider Takahisa Fujinami, winner of two trials, kept his chances of becoming runner-up alive until the last trial, which he finished fifth, taking third place in the Championship standings.

With seven wins and three podium finishes, Bou has clearly commanded this 36th edition of the World Championship, raising his number of wins to 32, a milestone he has achieved before his 24th birthday and which puts him in the historic ranking of the World Championship.

Along with Toni Bou’s fourth world championship title, who has also achieved the same in the indoor version, the tenth title achieved by his team-mate Laia Sanz in the Women’s Trial World Championship yesterday can also be highlighted.

Toni Bou says: “Obviously, I would have preferred to have ended the championship with another win, but it wasn’t to be. My first round was very good but I made a fiasco of the second and my rivals were more accurate.”

“However, the season’s balance is totally satisfactory and of course, I’m very proud of everything we have achieved.”

Takahisa Fujinami says: “I was playing for runner-up and perhaps that put more pressure on but now I don’t even think about it.”

“I’m very sad about the death of Shoya Tomizawa in the Moto2 race of the San Marino Grand Prix. We knew each other and spent a few days together last month. It is tragic news.”