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Dean Wilson led a parade of Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s at Spring Creek Motocross Park in Millville, Minn., as the team took four of the top five spots in the 250 class.

Wilson earned second overall with finishes of 6-2 in the motos, finishing just ahead of Tyla Rattray who went 4-4 for third overall. Finishing fourth overall was Jake Weimer and Christophe Pourcel finished fifth overall after winning the first moto.

In the 450 class Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Nick Wey raced to his second straight top 10 overall, while Chad Reed retired early due to an injury. In the WMX class Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Sara Price finished seventh overall.

Wilson’s rookie season has been exceptional as he scored another podium finish. In the first moto, Wilson was running third before going down and falling back to seventh. He would eventually get to sixth in the first moto. From the drop of the gate in the second moto, Wilson stormed to the front of the field and battled for the lead until the rains came. Once the rain started, Wilson rode conservative to maintain his second place finish.

Dean Wilson says: “I knew I could get an overall podium, I just had to focus. I wasn’t feeling well before the second moto, but I pulled it together and got a good start. I pressured Trey (Canard) for a while, but with the rain it got sketchy out there, so I was just patient and settled for second place in the moto. That was good enough for second overall, which I didn’t expect at all.”

Rattray showed the same drive he has at previous events, charging strong late in the moto to get the best possible finish. In the first moto, the South African worked his way from 11th to fourth and after getting a better start in the second moto, the rain and mud kept him from making a charge for the lead.

Tyla Rattray says: “It was tough out there after the rain. I was running third and went down and slipped to fourth. With all of the mud from the rain I went through all of my tear-offs and ended up taking off my goggles. When I did that I knew I would have to settle for fourth in the moto because I couldn’t get up close to anyone in front of me.”

Weimer was back near the front of the field in both motos at Millville and he is hoping to continue this momentum through the second-half of the season.

Jake Weimer says: “It feels better to be up near the front, but I am a little disappointed. Overall my results were better, so I can’t complain. I know I should be up on the podium every moto and I working to get back there.”

Wey rode two strong motos for his second straight top-10 finish. In the first moto, a slow start saw him through the first turn near the very back of the 40-rider field, and by the end of the first lap he had worked his way up to 19th. He continued his charge and finished 11th in the moto. In the second moto, Wey again battled for an 11th- place finish to end up 10th overall.

Nick Wey says: “I think I really improved on my speed. I came from really far back to finish eleventh in the first moto and I was running with fast guys in the second moto. I feel like I’m getting more competitive and today was a good day.”

Pourcel once again won the first moto extending his streak of at least one moto win at each of the first seven races of the year. Pourcel put on an amazing show, leading the first moto early, getting passed and then late in the moto retaking the lead on a brutally hot day.

Christophe Pourcel says: “I didn’t get a good start in the second moto. When it started raining the track was really slippery and it was hard to pass. The first moto was good and I got another win so that made it fun. I’m going to work on a few things this week to get ready for Washougal.”

Reed got a good start in the first moto and was running near the front when soreness in his neck forced him to pull off the track. The pain also kept him from starting the second moto.

Chad Reed says: “During practice, my neck was really sore. It was okay for a couple of laps, but I couldn’t do a full 30 minutes, going up and down the hills and over the bumps. I just couldn’t hold my head up. I felt like I couldn’t ride the way I should.”

Weimer showed his true speed at Millville consistently running near the front in both motos. Despite the stifling heat in the first moto and the torrential rain in the second moto, Weimer was able to adapt to the conditions and earn his best finish of the motocross season.

Jake Weimer says: “It was nice when it started raining, because it cooled things off. It was really hot and humid in the first moto and the conditions were tough. When it started raining it cooled off a lot, but it made the track really slick.”

Price battled tough conditions in both motos to finish seventh overall on the day. In the first moto, searing heat was the toughest competition while in the second moto, a downpour turned the dirt into a slick mud just before the moto.

Sara Price says: “It was tough today with the changing conditions. I’ve been training a lot during the week and I feel like I’m getting better every race. Unfortunately the weather in California has been really nice so we haven’t had to deal with heat or mud during the week.”


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