ParkinGO Misano: Results & Standings

ParkinGO Results

Fabrizio Perotti was the winner of round 4 of the ParkinGo Triumph European Series , held at Misano Adriatico to strenghten his lead in the overall standings.

The Italian engaged in a nice duel with Giuliano Rovelli in the early stage of the race but managed to build a consistent gap after a series of fast laps.

Behind him, Rovelli finished second without seeing his position menaced in any way, while Marzotto and Spaniard Salom battled for third place, with the former passing the latter by only a few tenths of a second.

The result allowed Matteo Marzotto, second in the overall standings, to defend his lead in the over 35 table from Rovelli, who is 10 points behind him.

Repetti, who was at his debut, took fifth place, while De Nardi finished seventh, which allowed her to climb up to fourth place in the overall standings, followed by Toni Salom.

The ParkinGO Triumph European Series has now three rounds to go, with four already completed and an increasing number of riders participating in a fair play competition with all-naked bikes.

Next up is Silverstone, England in a month-time which will be held just a few miles away from the Triumph headquarters. This will be the most important event of the season, which will see a lot of surprises.

Misanop Race Results:
1 Fabrizio Perotti
2 Giuliano Rovelli at 9″.788
3 Matteo Marzotto at 12″.252
4 Tony Salom at 13″.860
5 Ronnie Repetti at 36″.252
6 Nicola Ruggiero at 45″.758
7 Samuela De Nardi at 47″.065
8 Francesco Paolillo at 52″.947
9 Marco Toini at 1’13 706
10 Pietro Blumetti at 1’14″190

Riders Standings:
1 Fabrizio Perotti p.ts 70
2 Matteo Marzotto p.ts 54
3 Giuliano Rovelli p.ts 50
4 Samuela De Nardi p.ts 40
5 Tony Salom p.ts 35
6 Alessandro Torcolacci p.ts 32
7 Franco Zenatello p.ts 31
8 Pietro Blumetti p.ts 30
9 Paolo Rovelli p.ts 27
10 Michael Mazzina p.ts 25