Avon Storm 2 Ultra: 12% More Mileage

Motorcycle Rubber

Avon Motorcycle Tyres is proud to introduce the new Storm 2 Ultra for sport and sport touring motorcycles available in six sizes for the front and nine sizes for the rear.

The new Storm 2 Ultra uses a multi-compound SRS (super rich silica) tread that provides up to 12 percent more mileage for the rear tire than the original Storm ST, in addition to enhanced performance and excellent grip on the street.

The new multi-compound design for Storm 2 Ultra provides greater stability, longer life, reliability, responsiveness, improved traction in both wet and dry conditions, and a more comfortable ride.

"With the Storm 2 Ultra, sport and sport touring motorcycle owners do not have to sacrifice great performance for stability and responsiveness," said Sukoshi Fahey, Sales & Marketing Manager, Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America.

"We have integrated several design elements into this tire to give it the great handling and stability people want, even at higher speeds and in wet weather."

Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America based in Stow, Ohio, markets and sells Avon brand motorcycle tires in the United States and Canada.

Avon motorcycle tires are designed and manufactured for street and racing applications, from ultra wide tires featuring snakeskin sidewalls to ultra-high performance hypersport-bike tires.

Avon’s long history and heritage of innovation reaches back more than 100 years.

Based in Melksham, England, Avon tires are built to perform and are engineered to high standards incorporating the latest in cutting-edge technology.

For more information visit http://www.avonmoto.com.


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