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USGP Glen Helen

When the U.S. Grand Prix motocross rolls into California’s historic Glen Helen Raceway this weekend, the Yamaha guys will be out in full force.

According to the scoop by Motocross Action Magazine both the MotoConcepts Yamaha team and DNA Shred Stix/Star Yamaha racers will be on hand to uphold American honor.

In the premiere MX1 class, MotoConcepts is sending Matt Goerke (who missed the SX season due to injury), Ryan Sipes and Kyle Chisholm to ride the 450s; along with Vince Friese who will race the 250F in the MX2 class.

Young Friese has been training with Ryan Hughes (who is coming out of retirement to race at the USGP, see here) – who will fare better, the student or the master?

A more international flavor will presented under the DNA Shred Stix/Star Yamaha banner as Seattle SX winner Broc Tickle will fly the Stars & Stripes, along with Ecuador’s Martin Davalos and British expatriate Max Antsie to sink their teeth into the MX2 class.

"Star Racing has continued to prove to us that they have the vision and the desire to put the YZ250F on the podium," says Yamaha Racing Manager Keith McCarty.

"Star understands the Yamaha brand and consistently represents the brand in a positive and professional manner."

"It is anybody’s guess in MX1," says 1984 USGP winner and now Dunlop tire guy, Broc Glover. "Look for Tickle to well in the 250F class, depending on how well he does at the start."

Glover knows a thing or two about the GP and international competition, having won the Trans-USA series back in 1981, as well as being on the winning 1983 Motocross des Nations and 1983-84 Trophy des Nations teams.

"Should have won the 1983 USGP as well but Hakan Carlquist beat me on overall time differential!" Glover knows that the European racers are the real deal and the trio of Marvin Masquin, Jefferey Herlings and Ken Roczen is going to be tough for anybody to beat. "All three of those guys are fast!"

No longer a teenager like Herlings and Roczen, Team KTM Red Bull rider Mike Alessi just celebrated his 22nd birthday.

Mike’s girlfriend Danielle dealt up a casino theme for the occasion and several of the USGP riders were all-in for the festivities, including Broc Tickle, Kyle Chisholm and fellow Team Red Bull KTM racer Tommy Searle.

More star power will be on hand at Malcolm Smith Motorsports as the dealership rolls out the red carpet for the current roster of GP riders from both MX1 and MX2, blasts from the past will be showing up to the Red Bull/KFROG radio USGP Fan Experience on Friday afternoon.

The unique event is bringing American MX heroes like Doug Dubach, Broc Glover, Ricky Jonhson and Chuck Sun.

Fans can also see their favorite racers up close and personal in the USGP pits. The Pro Paddock will be open Saturday May 29 from 10am-6pm for the qualifiers and first moto of the FIM Veterans Cup race.

For Sunday’s main event, the Pro Paddock will be open from 9am-6pm. Cost is only $30 for both days, plus admission. Children 6-12 get a reduced rate of $15, plus admission for both days.

Sidi steps up! Look for Sidi boot signage to line the track at the USGP. "Antonio Cairoli and Max Nagl are running 1-2 in the MX1 championship," points out Motonation’s Bill Berroth (the Sidi importer for the U.S.).

"It is no coincidence that the two front runners are kicking butt in their Sidi Crossfires!" Sidi sponsors all the GPs in Europe and will have their same signage trackside at Glen Helen.

The next round of Golden Tickets has been drawn in the cross-promotion deal between Glen Helen and Michael Gaughan’s South Point Casino in Las Vegas.

This week’s winner are as Colin McCaughey from Perth, Australia, and Timothy Scott from Torrance, California. A total of eight Grand Prize packages will be will be awarded via random continuing through the May 29-30 USGP weekend.

Each Golden Ticket entitles the winners to a two-night stay at South Point Hotel, dinner for two at the Silverado Steakhouse and a pair of South Point show tickets. Check the Glen Helen Raceway website to see the winners drawn on 5/10/10, 5/17/10, 5/24/10 and 5/31/10.

Tickets for the "Race Of The Century" are available at the Reserved camping is available at the track for $50 per spot.

About Glen Helen: Racing At Its Best Since 1985 – Located North of San Bernardino in the area of Devore, Glen Helen Raceway is set on 256 acres against a mountain side making for great course.

Glen Helen Raceway started back in 1985, hosting several Sand Drags, Off-Road events and Motocross races.

In 1990 Glen Helen Raceway hosted its first major event, the United States Grand Prix Motocross and again in 1991 and 1992. After hosting the USGP, the Glen Helen Raceway venue became an internationally known track.

In 1995 and 1996 two more major events came to Glen Helen Raceway, the Off-Road Winter Series and the AMA 125/250 MX Nationals.

Addition of these events to Glen Helen Raceway’s roster helped the facility become of one of the most seen and raced on tracks in the world.

Today Glen Helen Raceway has added more race tracks and has put thousands of dollars into its facility, culminating in it becoming Youthstream’s choice to bring back the historic USGP race.

About Youthstream – Youthstream is the company that manages the exclusive television, marketing and promotional world wide rights of the FIM Motocross World Championship, the FIM Motocross of Nations, the FIM Women’s Motocross World Championship, the FIM Veteran’s Motocross World Cup, the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship, the FIM SuperMoto World Championship, the FIM SuperMoto of Nations, the FIM Snowcross World Championship, the UEM Motocross European Championship, the UEM Motocross of European Nations and the UEM SuperMoto European Championship. 


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